best fishing knots

The 3 Best Fishing Knots for Lures and Hooks

When I tie fishing knots for terminal tackle (lures, hooks, etc.), I want them to be strong and simple. There’s no use in trying to tie a knot if you can never remember how to tie it. And you definitely don’t want to tie a knot that slips off or breaks every time you get … Read more

crappie fishing with minnows - killer rigs

Crappie Fishing with Minnows – Killer Rigs

Crappie fishing with minnows is a technique every crappie fisher must know. Time after time they are the go-to when jigs just aren’t working. After all, a large portion of adult crappie’s diets consists of small fish…So why not use what they actually eat? Here’s all you need to know to buy, store, and use … Read more


Fall Crappie Fishing Tactics That Work

Fall crappie fishing can often times be very frustrating for anglers. Crappie are often found in what seem to be random places. In spring, crappie move to the shallows to spawn. In summer, they tend to suspend off the bottom in the thermocline (aka a layer of comfortable temps and oxygen), but where do they … Read more