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15 June 2017

Its post-spawn crappie time in many parts of the country and the crappie are moving locations. Today the G3 guys are on Sam Rayburn Reservoir in Texas and we see some solid tips on finding crappie as they move into deeper water after the spawn. They key is finding the “escape routes” the crappie use on their way back out to deeper, safer locations.


8 June 2017

Here’s an interesting way to make a crappie condo (aka crib) out of a 5-gallon bucket, plastic irrigation tubing, pvc pipe and concrete. I like this method because it won’t rot like a sunken Christmas tree or a bunch of branches would. These crappie condos will cost about $25 a piece and take an hour or so to build. Remember to first make sure it’s legal to sink these in your lake before you build one. And if you do make one make sure you put it in deep enough water so a boat prop won’t hit it!


5 June 2017

It can be frustrating when you’re slaying crappie one week and the next week they’re gone. Jason Sealock shows us his post-spawn techniques and how he utilizes electronics to locate big crappie. Jason also provides some key tips on jig color choice.


25 May 2017

Here’s some great unedited footage of the Fle Fly guys crappie fishing in Oklahoma. Key tips include:

  • How to find brush piles using your fish finder
  • Tying a double jig rig
  • How to tie an improved clinch knot

If you want one of those handy crappie measurer/checkers, check out Frabill’s EZ Crappie Check’R.


18 May 2017

Young angler Zack from AnglersEscape shows us his 5 favorite jigs and crankbaits to catch crappie with. Awesome to see such a young guy having a blast catching crappie and sharing what works!


11 May 2017

The G3 Sportsman crew show us how to catch May crappie on Mark Twain Lake in Missouri. Their strategy is vertical jigging real close to submerged stumps and trees (aka stump bumping). It’s a tried and true technique and they show us why.


4 May 2017

Here’s a very informative video on the basic techniques of crappie fishing. Everything from lures to line to rods is explained in this video and what works best for crappie. Here are the Shad Rap and the Jointed Shallow Shad Rap crankbaits mentioned in the video, as well as the Pflueger President reel.


28 April 2017

Here’s how you make an excellent double jig rig. Tim uses loop knots with a heavy jig on the bottom and a light one on top to create a life-like effect.


24 April 2017

Richard Gene the Fishing Machine shows us his shore fishing techniques for April crappie on Lake Guntersville. He uses a 1/32 oz pink jig with a tiny float on 4 lb test line in about 4-5 feet of water. Proof you don’t need a boat to catch big fish!


13 April 2017

Jason from Wired2Fish shows us how to find brush piles on Kentucky Lake using SONAR. Jason proves you don’t have to go far to find good fishing spots!


6 April 2017

What are you going to do with all those spring crappie you just caught? Fry them up! ExtremeAnglerTV shows us how to do a classic southern crappie fry with crappie from Reel Foot Lake in Tennessee. All you need is corn meal, salt, pepper and oil. Coat them up real nice and fry them at 350 degrees. So good! Here’s the deep fryer they used in the video.


31 March 2017

You don’t need to spider rig for crappie to be successful. J.R Oldham shows us how he uses slip bobbers as an alternative to spider rigging on Truman Lake.


23 March 2017

Night fishing for crappie can be super fun. The guys at Thundermist Lures show us their relatively simple tips and techniques to catch crappie (and bass) during a prime feeding time.


15 March 2017

This video shows how to determine what phase of the spawn crappie are in (pre-spawn, spawn, post-spawn) and where to find them. Weather, water temperature, and past known locations are all important variables to solve the equation of “where to find spring crappie.” Thanks AnglingBuzz!


9 March 2017

The guys at AnglingBuzz recommend their top 3 crappie spawning areas in this video. These include channels, bays, and shallow main-lake areas. They go through their process of finding spring crappie first with crank-baits, then honing in on nesting areas with a jig and float.


2 March 2017

Catching spawning crappie in feeder creeks and around stumps is the topic this week out at Truman Lake in central Missouri. Scott Turnage and Jeff Faulkenberry use a simple setup to catch big spring crappie: long jigging poles and single jigs. If you’re in the market for a jigging rod, here’s the 12-foot C-series Berkley rod they are using.


23 February 2017

Al Lindner and Dave Csanda show us how they catch pre-spawn crappie in weed beds using small crankbaits and curly tail and marabou jigs. Skip to 4:35 if you just want to see their exact strategy.


18 February 2017

Do you ever wonder if you should be using mono or braid line? Here’s a quick video from Angling Buzz that explains the different situations you might want to use one or the other.


9 February 2017

Don’t have a boat? Don’t worry – you can still catch lots of crappie right from shore. This week Fle-Fly Tackle shows us their shore-fishing techniques to catch crappie using a bobber and a 2” (1” body) Go-Go Minnow. They also show us how to cut the curly tail off the jig to make it look more life-like when using a bobber.


2 February 2017

A quick video brought to you by Sam Roberson on tying the always-effective double jig rig. Loop knots are used here around the hooks to allow the jigs to move freely and look livelier. Sam shows us an example of this rig using a bobber too.


26 January 2017

Want to catch big crappies with lipless crankbaits? Dave LeFebre shows us how to catch slabs with a pink Slab Rap lipless crankbait and a 27″ 13 Fishing Ultra-light Tickle Stick. Even though Dave is ice fishing, lipless crankbaits can be used any time of year to catch big crappies. These lures imitate shad and other baitfish and provide an enticing wiggle. If you fish crappies using big crankbaits (2″+) you will get less strikes but the ones you do catch will be worth the wait!


18 January 2017

This week it’s fishing the many stumps on Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee and catching big crappie. Reelfoot Lake is known for its awesome crappie fishing and the guys at G3 Sportsman show us how to do it. They’re using a stump bumping setup consisting of two hooks and a sinker under a slip bobber. One hook has a minnow and one is rigged with a jig. Stump bumping is a popular crappie fishing tactic and these guys show us why.


12 January 2017

Ivo Coia from Thundermist Lures gives a quick rundown on how to properly fillet a crappie. He starts by making a cut behind the gill cover, then runs the knife along the spine and past the tail. He then cuts the fillet off by running the knife along the rib cage down to the belly. Ivo also gives us three distinguishing features of the black and white crappie so you can easily tell them apart.


5 January 2017

The guys at Fle Fly Fishing explain their exact spider rigging set-up to catch some dandies in about 8 feet of water.


29 December 2016

If you are new to using fishing electronics or want to polish your fish finding skills, Jeff Williams from Fle-Fly Tackle shows us how he finds crappie at Parsons City Lake in Kansas. Jeff shares some great tips for finding deep water crappie as well as the simple, double jig rig he uses to catch them.


22 December 2016

This week it’s trolling for deep-water crappie on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Mark Romanack from Fishing 411 TV shows us his trolling tactics with shad crankbaits and planar boards. It’s a similar tactic used to catch walleye and just as effective!


15 December 2016

McKeon Meyhoff shows us how he crushes winter crappie with hand-tied deer hair jigs on a lake in North Dakota. McKeon provides some great tips on fishing both black and white crappie from shore.


8 December 2016

Wally Marshall aka Mr. Crappie shows us exactly how to “shoot docks” for crappie. This technique utilizes the reflex of the rod to launch a lure deep under docks where a normal cast couldn’t get to. Good stuff!


1 December 2016

Tim Marple and Casey County from Kentucky Afield Television show us how they do winter crappie fishing on Green River Lake in Kentucky.


24 November 2016

Dr. Jason Halfen from Jason Halfen Outdoors gives us his “three C’s” for November black crappie fishing in the northern U.S.


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