Crappie 101

Crappie 101: Black and White Crappie and General Characteristics

Welcome to Crappie 101! Here you will find an overview of the crappie fish, including species, general characteristics, and behavior. Crappie is one of the most sought after gamefish in the U.S and Canada and for good reason. They are widespread across North America and abundant in many types of bodies of water. Their flaky, delicate … Read more

infographic of where to find crappie during spring, summer, fall, and winter

The Crappie Spawn and Seasonal Hideouts

Like all fish, crappie spawn to reproduce. During the spawn, as well as other times of the year, they can be found in distinct areas of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. By understanding a little about their behavior during the different seasons, you can quickly become a better crappie fisherman. Spring In the time leading up … Read more