What Do Minnows Eat

What Do Minnows Eat?

When most people think of minnows, they see them as bait used as feed for other fish. But what do minnows eat? The answer is that they eat a wide variety of food sources found in most bodies of water around the US. Because they can consume different types of common food sources, plus the … Read more

What Does a Crappie Fish Look Like

What Does a Crappie Fish Look Like?

One of the most popular freshwater game fish in North America, crappie have a distinctive appearance that can be easily identified by those looking to catch this remarkable fish. Crappie is best known for being quite tasty and if you know the right techniques, relatively easy to catch. While crappie is quite popular, understanding their … Read more

Why Is It Illegal to Sell Crappie

Why Is It Illegal to Sell Crappie?

Given how many crappies there are in North America, it seems a little odd at first that they are illegal to sell. After all, crappie is one of the most abundant fish that can be found in most freshwater lakes, streams, and rivers. And while you can fish for crappie the year-round, selling them is … Read more