Crappie Bobbers & Crappie Floats

14 Best Crappie Bobbers and Crappie Floats

Crappie Bobbers & Crappie FloatsMost people are interested in crappies, and therefore crappie fishing has become popular even for commercial purposes. Crappies are a species of fish. Two types of crappies are identified as black crappie(Pomoxisnigromaculatus), and white crappie(Pomoxisannularis). Being popular in North America, both crappie types are mostly known as pan fish.These are not light … Read more

crappie fishing rods

The Best Crappie Rod and Reel

It goes without saying that you have to use the right tool for the job if you want to maximize your crappie catch. The best crappie rod and reel type for all-around crappie fishing will almost always be an ultralight or light spinning combo. Its versatility and finesse with light lines make it the weapon … Read more