14 Best Crappie Bobbers and Crappie Floats

Crappie Bobbers & Crappie Floats

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Crappie Bobbers & Crappie Floats

Most people are interested in crappies, and therefore crappie fishing has become popular even for commercial purposes. Crappies are a species of fish. Two types of crappies are identified as black crappie(Pomoxisnigromaculatus), and white crappie(Pomoxisannularis).

Being popular in North America, both crappie types are mostly known as pan fish.These are not light weight fish. The average weight of a crappie is a quarter to half a pound. Therefore, catching a crappie has to be done carefully.

Crappies are usually a type of schooling fish, who are used school with other pan fishes as well. They are not very fond of moving to the shore unless when feeding. Therefore, it is best to catch the crappies up when they are out, especially at dawn and dusk.

You have to be mindful and use different techniques when catching these playful crappies. Using an artificial bait and using the best live bait rig are some. One has to use the most appropriate fishing knot when fishing crappies.

As an example, using a loop knot will be more suitable if you are using a jig. Fishing at the right depth and keeping the fishing line tight is also important. Usually, the crappies can be found between three and six inches on the water. Keeping the line tight is important because it is said that crappies have a soft lip, and can easily shake the hook if the line is not tight.

You can apply the theory ‘slow and steady wins the race’ to crappy fishing as well, because the crappies put more action when the catcher is slow. Crappie bobbers and crappie floats are small gadgets used when it comes to catching these playful crappies.

A bait such as a worm is placed at the end of the bobber and the bobber is put into water. It starts with a jiggle and the jiggle stops when a crappie decides to bite the bait. This method does not misguide you if a crappie is caught on the other end of the line.

Bobber is easy and effective to use especially for beginners because it signals when a fish is caught. Most people use crappie bobbers for fun. These bobbers are available in different sizes and shapes, providing an extra technique to suspend a bait as you wish far below the surface.

A crappie float is also used for the same as a bobber. But the shape of a float is different. Crappie floats are flatter than bobbers, which makes it easier to float on the water until the crappie fish comes and tries to swallow the bait up. Both bobbers and floats are attractive as they are made primarily for the purpose of fishing. These bobbers and floats have become the trend in catching crappies all over the world in angling functioning as a bite indicator.

14 Best Crappie Bobbers & Crappie Floats

You can select the most suitable crappie bobber or crappie float when catching pan fishes. Here are some details about the crappie bobbers and crappie floats available for you to compare and select the most suitable.

1) South Bend Wooden Spring Float

The south bend wooden spring crappie float consists of two crappie floats in a pack. This float is made out of balsa wood, which is in high-quality and has an anti-corrosion spring. Having been made to resist when a crack happens or the float is chipped makes the product more reliable. The size of half an inch makes it easier to handle.

2) Mr.CrappieRP78P-3YG Rattling Round and Pear Floats

Mr. crappie offers you these pear-shaped crappie floats which are available in yellow and green. There are three of these attractive floats in one pack. One of these rattling around floats will be 7 or 8 inches in size. Enjoy fishing with these latest attractive floats which even has a unique sound to attract crappies.

3) Thill Wobble Bobber

Thill Wobble Bobber

Here comes a bobber weighing ¼ an ounce. This wobble bobber has its own unique shape and weight which automatically provides jigging without depending on the wind or rough waves. The shape and weight also provide an unparalleled distance of casting. This bobber helps to fish in deeper areas.

4) Fishing Bobber Cork Float Antenna

This fishing bobber is also made out of balsa wood with a weight of 0.07 ounces. Ten of them are included in one pack. The bobber is about 12cm or 4.7 inches long together with the floating antenna. This can be said to be a dual-purpose gadget because both the crappie bobber and the floating part are inbuilt.

5) Rattling Round and Pear

Mr. Crappie offers a rattling round and pear float weighing about 3.5 ounces. This has a special feature to attract crappies; a unique bait fish sound. You can make the float rattle by twitching the tip of the rod while retrieving. Do not hesitate to buy this attractive float if it fits your requirements, as shipping charges are also free for this special product.

6) Thill Crappie cork

The thill crappie cork is special because you don’t have to purchase any beads or bobber stops together with it. A bobber stop is already built to the cork. The cork of the product is designed to float on the lateral line detecting each and every bite. It is easy to select the desired weight as it is printed on the product. There is a spring at the bottom, allowing fixed float rigging as well. Multicolored crappie corks are available for you choose your favorite color.

7) Carlisle Spring Floats

Carlisle Spring Floats

The body of the spring float is made out of the best quality balsa wood. Having a composite stem, the body is striped in multi colors. This is not only for crappies but for Bluegill and other species as well. The Carlisle spring floats have a rough finish so that it becomes durable. You may find similar products, but never will they be equal!

8) Leland 1″ E Z Crappie/Trout Slotted Floats

Leland 1 E Z Crappie Trout slotted Floats

These floats are also available in green and yellow, attracting the crappies. There is no hassle to use the trout slotted floats as they are not big in size.

9) Mr. Crappie M125W-2YG-GL Lighted

These have a very high chance of attracting the crappies by their colors- luminous green and yellow. Weighing only 2.4 ounces, these types of floats are made to be really easy to handle.

10) Mr. Crappie FGS437-4G Flo Glow Light

This crappie float, weighing about 10 pounds is also easy to handle. Available in two colors: green and yellow, the floats come with a cork inbuilt. Try the new product to catch the playful crappies by attracting them.

11) 5 Piece 15g EVA Floats and Extra 10 Pieces Glowing Stick and Fishing Floats

5 Piece 15g EVA Floats

This is a two-in-one offer, including crappie floats and glow sticks. The stick has a diameter of 4.5 millimeters and the float size is 15 g. These floats and glow sticks are made out of foam and plastic. The product will not be harmed even if used under the hot sun.

12) Thill Night Brite Lighted Floats

This is the ideal product for night fishing. These can be used on crappies as they tend to visit the shore at dusk as mentioned earlier. The batteries can be switched off when not in use. These special floats can be used as the slip, or can even be fixed. Made in center slider design, it is available in three colors, and two sizes. These reusable floats will light the night.

13) Carlisle Peacock Spring Lok Balsa Floats

These floats are great for panfish, bass, and crappies. There are five floats, in assorted sizes and colors in one pack. One pack will weigh about 2.1 ounces. Being made in the Dominican Republic, these consist of spring lock style bobbers.

14) Wahoo 7/8″ Crappie/Trout Floats

Used for crappies as well as trout, these floats are available in orange, green and red. There are four floats made out of foam in one pack. The same weight as Peacock spring floats applies to this float as well. Try this new type of float for your crappie business and experience a difference.

Choosing the Right Crappie Bobbers & Crappie Floats

All of these types of crappie bobbers, as well as crappie floats, are made taking the special requirements into concern. Weight is a key factor for bobbers and floats as it is easy to handle and use in water when it has less weight. It is better if your float or bobber is in a small size which can be used without any hassle, and made out of a durable material.

The availability of different colors is also important as the species are attracted to bright colors. These are some of the special features to be considered when buying your bobber or float for crappie fishing. It is important to compare these different products and select the best option for you, so that you will never have to regret about your choice, and will be enjoying crappie fishing forever!

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