11 Best Crappie Measurer Reviews 2022

Best Crappie Measurer

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Best Crappie Measurer

Crappie measurers are a great addition to any angler’s tool and equipment box. As you can probably guess from the name, crappie measurers are used to measure crappie fish. These are used to determine how big or small of a catch you made, while some also help to determine the weight.

What are the Best Crappie Measurer to Buy?

2) KastKing Digital Fishing Scale with Ruler

  • Water Resistant Digital Scale & Ruler
  • Memory Function
  • Lightweight & Durable Handle

1) Dr.meter Backlit LCD Display Fishing Scale

  • Extreme Accuracy
  • Bonus Built-in Tape
  • Stainless Steel Hook

3) JOOKKI Portable Dial Hanging Fish Scale

  • Remarkable Accuracy Level
  • Auto Off & Unit Conversion
  • Data Lock

Buying a measurer can be a difficult thing, especially if you’re a beginner when it comes to fishing. If you wish to buy one for the next time you go out fishing, here are some tips that can help you make the right choice.

  • Get a measurer that can measure a size around at least 10 inches, as some crappie is around that size.
  • Instead of getting separate measurers for both weight and size, maybe you should get one that can measure both.
  • A measurer should be easily cleanable for efficient use.

11 Best Crappie Measurer Reviews

1) Dr.meter Backlit LCD Display Fishing Scale

A very fine choice when it comes to measurers for fish like crappie. It can measure pretty great weights given the small size and weight. From a mere 0.1 one pound to a good 110 pounds, making it an ideal measurer for a numerous amount of fish.

Measuring the weight is quite easy, as all you have to do is attach the fish to the hook at the bottom of the measurer and it’ll do the rest for you. The size of a fish can also be measured quite easily, as the scale built inside the device can measure sizes up to three feet long.

2) KastKing Digital Fishing Scale with Ruler

Another good mechanical measurer, this one also allows anglers to measure both weight and size with comfort. Attached to the bottom is a large enough hook that can be used to measure the weight of fish.

All you have to do is attach them to the hook and place the device upright, after which it will tell you the weight of the fish in either kilograms or pounds, depending on the setting that you choose. It can weigh up to 110 pounds, or 50 kilograms.

There is also a 39 inch retractable tape which can be used to measure the size, making it more than enough for crappie.

3) JOOKKI Portable Dial Hanging Fish Scale

Capable of measuring weights up to 110 in pounds, or 50 in kilograms, this scale is a small but efficient way of measuring both the size and the weight of your catch. There is a hook at the bottom which is the main means of measuring weight, as you will attach the captured fish to it.

After this, the device will be able to tell you its weight in kg or lbs. depending on what you choose. It also features a long measuring tape embedded inside of it which can measure sizes up to 3 feet. It runs on 3 triple AA batteries and its hook is made with stainless steel.

4) RUNCL Digital Fishing Scale

Featuring an LCD display, the contents displayed on the screen on this electrical measurer are visible even in sunlight, meaning that you won’t have to find shade just so you can see the weight of your catch. It is equipped with a tare weight function, which is vital in providing you with the exact weight of your crappie.

Featuring a 63 inch measuring tape, this measurer is also great for finding out the size of most fish, especially those that are similar to the size of a crappie. There is also a battery display that tells you about the battery percentage of the scale, so you’ll know when to change them.

5) Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler

Quite identical to rulers used for measuring sizes in schools and labs, this ruler is made specifically for fish as you will be able to tell by its design. Simple yet effective, this ruler can measure up to 22 inches, making it ideal for crappie as the longest of crappies themselves aren’t bigger than that.

Its design also has the advantage of keeping it quite lightweight and easy to carry around, since there is no added weight because the measurer only consists of a ruler. The aluminum construction makes it durable enough to withstand light weights, however it will break under anything too heavy. It is quite easy to clean up because of its design.

6) Quik Measure Pro Fish Rulers Fishing Measure Rod

Although this product is just a transparent tape, it is one of the most convenient measuring means out there when it comes to fishing. It has been designed to remove any chance of you not having your measurer nearby when you catch a fish.

It is a transparent tape that can be attached to your fishing rod, meaning that once you catch a fish you can just measure it by placing it against the rod you used to catch it. It features powerful adhesives that keep it attached to the rod even when it comes into contact with constant sunlight and water, meaning it’ll last long.

7) Frabill EZ Crappie Check’R Fish Measurer

A measurer made specifically for checking the size of a crappie, it has been shaped like a crappie. This is so that you can just slide a crappie head first inside of it and manage to get its size.

Crappies that are up to 12 inches long can be measured using this scale. The shape makes it very easy to measure them and the light size of the measurer makes it comfortable to take anywhere. Moulden with polycarbonate, it is also durable but not something that will be able to handle too much weight, meaning that it can break quite easily if you step on it.

8) Fish Rule – Fishing Measuring Tape

A measuring stick that can be placed and used with ease on any boat, it can measure up to 36 inches, making it great for crappie measuring as not even the biggest of crappies measure anywhere near that size.

There is also a small little sticker that is there to remind you to ‘’stop the lies’’, meaning that you should throw back the little fish which are illegal to catch in quite a few places. The aggressive adhesives will allow it to permanently stick on a surface, making it a great attachment for your boat. Its markings don’t fade after exposure to sunlight.

9) Unexcelled Fishing Aluminium Fish Ruler 30″

As you can see in the name given to the product, this ruler is able to measure fish that have a size up to 30 inches long. It is a simple and easy to read ruler, which also allows anglers to measure in ¼’’ inch increments. This makes it quite good for measuring any small fish down to its exact size.

The aluminum material used to make it is durable enough, while also being smooth enough to not require too much effort to clean it up. It can be attached to any boat to make a fine addition to your equipment. It is ideal for fish like bass and crappies.

10) EGO Measuring Board, Fishing Tape Measure

Made with anodized aluminium, this ruler is both durable and lightweight, making it an efficient means of measuring your crappie once you’ve caught them. This particular model is capable of measuring sizes up to 18 inches long, making it ideal for fish like crappie and others that are similar in size.

The measurements are in 1/16 inch increments, making it useful for finding an almost exact size, while the measurements have also been etched on with laser technology, meaning that you won’t have to worry about them fading away after coming into contact with sunlight or water on a regular basis. There is also a 30-day warranty with this ruler.

11) Eagle Claw ECTAPE60 60″ Soft Tape

As you can guess after seeing the products name, this tape is capable of measuring sizes up to 60 inches long, meaning that it will be more than able to measure a fish as small as crappie and some bigger ones as well. It is very light in weight, not even weighing a pounds.

This light weight and small compact design makes this measurer storable even in your pockets, allowing you to take measurements at any time. It is water resistant, but not water proof. There are some metal parts here and there that will start to rust if there is too much contact with water.

Choosing the Best Crappie Measurer

As you can probably guess after seeing the products that have been reviewed above, there are quite a few good measurers for you to choose from if you want one for crappie measuring. There are also plenty of other types to choose from as well, so you can choose accordingly depending on your preferred type.

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