16 Best Crappie Corks Reviews 2022

Best Crappie Corks

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Best Crappie Corks

Crappies are some of the main targets for most anglers due to how commonly they can be found in most lakes and rivers and due to how good they are for you if you intend to take them home and eat them. However catching them, as it is with every other fish, isn’t easy.

What are the Best Crappie Corks to Buy?

2) thkfish Fishing Bobbers Fishing Floats

  • Slender Style Design Fishing Bobbers
  • Sensitive & Less Tangling Bobbers
  • Easy To Set Up & Use

1) thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood Floats

  • Sensitive Spring Slip Bobbers 
  • Adjustable Versatile Fishing Bobbers
  • High Visibility Fluorescent Paint
  • Detect More Bites

3) thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood Floats

  • Premium Quality Balsa Wood
  • Very Responsive Spring Slip Bobbers
  • Easy To Adjust Position
  • Corrosion Resistant

There are many factors that come into fishing and the right equipment plays a huge role in ensuring that you have a great day of fishing as opposed to an infuriating one. One thing that is commonly found in an angler’s tackle box is a float, otherwise known as corks. Corks are an important part of the experience, and here’s some things that you need to know before buying some.

  • Depending on the type of water you’ll be fishing in, get a slip float or a fixed float. The former works best for deeper water while the latter works better for shallower water.
  • Get a wide variety of corks to be prepared for different weather conditions, such as windy days or completely calm days.
  • The cork should be made of durable materials to ensure crack resistance.

16 Best Crappie Corks Reviews

1) thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood Floats

A set by thkfish featuring 5 of their 1.25 inch fishing floats, this set is a good choice for people looking for sensitive floats. Featuring fluorescent paint that is quite bright in color, these corks are fairly comfortable to see under water, which lets you identify when a crappie has taken the bait.

The springs at the bottom are also a good addition. The springs are made with corrosion resistant material and the floats themselves are made with balsa wood, which is a strong material that can also resist cracks for a while.

2) thkfish Fishing Bobbers Fishing Floats 

Manufactured by thkfish, these floats are mainly intended for crappie fishing, however they can more than comfortably be used to fish out some other species of fish too. Featuring both slip and fixed floats in one package, this set of 5 different floats is ideal if you intend to go fishing in multiple different water types and environments.

Their slender design allows them to cast great, while also not letting them give the bite too much resistance. The high quality balsa wood used to make these gives them an added touch of durability.

3) thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood Floats

A good set of spring slip bobbers, this pack contains 5 separate but completely identical pieces. The spring slip design makes these extremely sensitive and responsive, meaning that you will be able to sense a bite almost immediately once it happens.

Another benefit about them is the fact that slip floats can move freely up and down the fishing line, making them ideal for multiple different conditions and water types. The rigs of slip bobbers are also quite versatile, since they let you fish in a variety of depths. Made with balsa wood, they are mainly crack resistant.

4) thkfish Slip Bobbers for Fishing Saltwater

A fine 5 piece set of slip floaters, it features 5 bright and sensitive floaters that make your fishing experience a little easier. The floaters allow you to sense any bites made on the bait due to their sensitivity and fair weight.

The eco-friendly voc paint is bright and easy to spot in water so you will be able to keep a close eye on it. The line friendly hole allows the slip bobbers to travel around the line in seconds. The materials used to make it are also durable and work well in most conditions.

5) QualyQualy Fishing Floats and Bobbers Wood

This huge 10 piece set features floaters made from both paulownia and balsa woods, making them both durable and light, while also being damage resistant so you can keep using them for long amounts of time.

The set features 5 of two different sized and weighted floats, both obviously being suited to two different types of environment. They have been crafted quite expertly, having some great attention to detail as well as being beautiful overall. They are light from the top, making visibility more than possible. The high sensitivity that they feature makes them quite good for sensing a bite on your bait as soon as it occurs.

6) THKFISH Slip Bobbers Fishing Floats

A set of floaters that are very versatile, these allow you to adjust them for you to place your bait at any depth. They are also quite easy to use and set up. Made of balsa wood, each of them are almost identical, while being different in colors.

The colors are quite bright and have been painted on with environment friendly VOC. This makes them safe to use, while also allowing them to be quite visible and easy to detect when under water. By adjusting the depth slide of the bobber, you can fish in either shallow or deep water.

7) FREE FISHER Slip Bobbers for Fishing

Another set of floaters that work great when it comes to crappie fishing, this one contains 5 separate floaters that are all identical to one another. One of the good things about these, are the fact that all of them are capable to be used in both salt water and fresh water, without facing any degrading effects from either.

Featuring an elastic EVA foam construction, EVA foam being a buoyant material that is used for numerous water sport equipment, these bobbers are both durable and light weight. This means that they’ll resist cracks and other damage for a long time.

8) Mr Crappie RP78P-3YG Rattlin Round and Pear Floats

Made by Mr Crappie products mainly for hunting crappies, this pack of 3 rattlin pear floats features floats that can make a unique sound which attracts crappies, making sure that you can get a bite sooner rather than later.

The heavy plastic construction of these bobbers make them ideal for fishing near rocky shores or to rip rap along creek channels. They are clip on floaters, which means that they will stay in one place instead of running up and down the line, however they can be rattled under water to make the previously mentioned sound.

9) Mr. Crappie MP150W-2YG-GL Lighted

Manufactured by Mr Crappie, a brand that focuses mainly on fishing equipment most suited to fishing crappies as you can guess from there name, this float is quite light, both in color and in weight.

Very sensitive and quite bright, these bobbers let you identify and spot bites rather easily, making things easier for you. These allow you to use them as both slip and fixed floats, making them ideal for a variety of different environments and water types. These aren’t much bigger than a small coin and are also lighted, which makes spotting them under water a great deal easier.

10) Thill Crappie Cork

This cork is one that weighs around 3/8, making it a good weight and allowing it to float on the lateral line, which ultimately lets you detects bites rather easily. The float stopper has been built in on the stem of the float, meaning that you won’t have to attach one separately.

The insert on the top of the float is line friendly, as well as being small enough in diameter to grab the float stopper. This means that you won’t have to keep it in place using beads. The spring on the lower stem makes fixed-float rigging easier too.

11) Betts Mr Crappie Snap-On Float Lighted Cigar M2BW-2YG-GL

A slightly bigger float than some others, these have a 2 inch size and have been manufactured to work better for crappie fishing as compared to fishing for other fish. However this doesn’t mean they can’t be used for any other fish though.

Both bright in color and very sensitive to movement, these bobbers will be able to let you identify when a crappie has bitten the bait, while also being bright enough for you to see in water during the day. The light attachment makes them visible in the darker environments as well.

12) Betts Mr Crappie Slipper Float Cigar

Another one of Mr Crappie products which is mainly effective for crappie fishing, this bobber comes with both bobber stops and beads for your convenience. The Mr Crappie slippers can be used to suspend your bait at any desired depth level.

The bright yellow and green combination makes them quite easy to see under water, helping you to see any movement, while the sensitive design of these floats let you to sense any strikes as well. The durable and light enough material makes them a good choice for multiple different environments, allowing you to use them quite frequently.

13) Betts Mr Crappie Snap-On Float

A single piece of the Mr Crappie snap on pear models, this float is a bit big and heavier than most other floats made specifically with the focus of crappie fishing in mind. As was with the other Mr crappie pear models, this one makes a unique sound which appeals to crappies and attracts them towards the bait, meaning that you will be able to get a few more bites on your bait than usual.

Although made to work best for crappie fishing, this bobber can be used for other fishes as well. Its weight and size make it ideal for weather conditions mainly found in fall.

14) Mr. Crappie Slippers M2B-SF-3YG

Similar to the other set of Mr Crappie slippers, these feature a yellow and green color scheme which is bright, attractive and quite visible under water making them a good option for deeper and slightly darker water.

Designed for you to adjust your lure at any given depth reachable by your fishing rod, these are versatile bobbers that can work in a multitude of different environments. All three of them have a combined weight less than that of a pounds, making them quite light. Similar to the other slippers, these work best for crappies, as is with most of this brand’s products.

15) thkfish Fishing Floats

A set of 5 different floats, almost all different from one another in weight and size, this set has floats that can all be used for different types of environments and conditions. All the paint on these floats has been double coated, making the appearance brighter, ultimately letting you see the bobber under water quite easily.

They can be viewed from large distances under water, and something that makes this better is the light attachments on them which lets you see them during day or night, even when they are very deep under the water.

16) Premier STK062CP Crappie Stalker Float

Made with paulownia wood, a material which is both silky and attractive while also being quite durable, this bobber is sure to last for quite some time without getting its surface cracked or damaged in any other way. These specific models of bobbers have been made for the sneakiest and fastest of crappies, so that they cannot steal your bait and swim away before you have time to react.

Available in a wide variety of different sizes and weights, these models can be used for almost any environment based on your choice. They are only available as an in-line slip float.

Choosing the Best Crappie Corks

As you would know if you have been fishing for long, there are many different corks to choose from all over the internet, and they can be found in most bait shops as well. However choosing the right one is definitely more difficult than just choosing one in general. The ones given above are some of the best for crappie fishing however there are some other ones as well that you can use to get a good fishing experience out of.

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