15 Best Crappie Grubs Reviews 2022

Best Crappie Grubs

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Best Crappie Grubs

Fishing is known as a relaxing yet a recreational activity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy life. In some cases, people have adopted fishing as the full-time career. Be it bass or trout, crappie or salmon, the fishing is done for multiple varieties. However, in last few years, crappie fishing has become popular.

What are the Best Crappie Grubs to Buy?

2) Tian
Curly Tail GRUBS Crappie

  • 100 Assorted Grub-Like
  • Mini Sized For Crappie Easy To See

1) Strike King MRCG2-181-P Mr. Crappie Grub Bait

  • High Quality Soft Plastic Lures
  • Exaggerated Curly Tail To Allow Incredible Action
  • Affordability

3) Slider
CSGG17 Crappie Grub Lure

  • Suitable For Casting, Trolling & Vertical Jigging

Crappies belong to the sunfish family and they predate on insects and zooplanktons in addition to crustaceans. This information is helpful in finding the right spot to fish for them. During the day, crappies tend to attract towards boulders or weed beds but the active feeding hours are dawn and dusk. These fishes are delicious but catching them is tedious.

It is essential to have a full-spectrum fishing kit and when you want to fish for crappie, having grubs is mandatory for grabbing them. In this article, we are sharing top crappie grubs. But before we start with grubs, let’s have a look at things you need to consider while buying the grubs!

  • The crappies are intelligent fishes, making it hard to catch them. So, use the grubs with natural outlook, so they consider grub as “just another” fish to predate on. But as it’s grub, you will catch the crappie
  • Try to use the drubs with vibrant jigs to the hook as they attract the fishes
  • Use the environment-friendly and smell-free grubs

15 Best Crappie Grubs Reviews

1) Strike King MRCG2-181-P Mr. Crappie Grub Bait

As the name suggests, this grub might be the king of grubs as it’s designed with top-notch quality. These grubs are made from soft plastic which controls the crappies while ensuring the highest standards of quality with a good material.

These grubs are designed and manufactured by Mr. Crappie with 2 inches size. This size makes the grub look like larvae as it triggers the fishes to the head or hook which you can pull up to get your hands on crappie!

2) Tian Curly Tail GRUBS Crappie

If you think about the literal meaning, grubs are small larvae of the insects that penetrate into soil. However, when it comes to crappie fishes, they might be delicious but they feed on such grubs for growing. This is the main reason artificial grubs are used to attract the crappie fishes while fishing in the sea.

These grubs are two inches in size making them easily seeable by the fishes. With this notion, the fish will swim to the hook for grub and you can catch it to devour for your grill fish night in the backyard.

3) Slider CSGG17 Crappie Grub Lure

This might be the different color in the market for grubs but the point is to capture the fish and it does that perfectly. Back in the mid-1970s, this grub was designed which promises optimal crappie capturing.

Designed with two inches size, it has a soft plastic body and a vibrato tail. When the grub moves in water, the tail moves which works as the welcoming signal for the crappie. So, the crapes gets close to eat the grub and boom, it’s in the hook!

4) Strike King MRCG2-181-P Mr. Crappie Grub Bait

Designed with a white and two inches in shape, this grub is designed to look realistic, so the crappies starts swimming to your hook with the thought of feeding itself. The product is designed by Strike King and Wally Marshall and they have incorporated their 25 years of experience in this design.

These grubs are designed with high-quality and soft plastic. So, before going on your next crappie fishing adventure, don’t forget to take these bad boys because it offers nothing but satisfaction (and yes, the crappies!)

5) Slider CSGGF128 Crappie Grub Lure

If you have been looking for the grubs that offer proven and tested results for catching the crappies, this is the right option to go for. These grubs are suitable for trolling, casting, and vertical jigging.

Also, these are designed by Charlie Brewer which works as a guarantee for high quality and satisfactory results. This grub has 1 to 1.5 inch size to make them visible to the fish. Over time, it has attracted basses as well, so the versatility is reflected!

6) Slider CSGF9 Crappie Grub Lure

Crappies have become everyone’s favorite and credits go to their savory taste. This is the main reason people are fishing hard on them but they have become the genius. But if you want lure them in, these slider crappie grub lure with help you attract the fish.

Designed with a red color, it catches the attention of the fish. Also, it is 1-1/2 inch in size and soft, so the crappie thinks of it as the real grub and swim through to eat only to get itself tangled in your hook!

7) Slider CSGF45 Crappie Grub

This pack of grubs is designed by Charlie Brewers which speaks volumes about its high performance and durability. These grubs are made from soft material with 1.5 inches making them highly visible.

In addition, there is a vibra-tail to make the grub look natural and a small larva. Whenever the grub moves, the tail will swim and the best part is its versatility to be adhered with multiple slider and jig heads. In some cases, these grubs have proven beneficial for panfish and bass.

8) Slider CSGLG15 Crappie Grub Lure

These slide grubs have saturated the market with their remarkable performance and results. These grubs are 1.5 to 2 inches in size which happens to be the suitable size for larvae. Also, they are designed with orange color for promising crappie’s utmost attention. The best part is its ability to catch the basses altogether!

9) Slider CSGF6 Crappie Grubs

In this packet of grubs, there are 18 pieces to help you have a fully adventurous day for crappie fishing. These grubs are designed with a tail that moves when you put it in the water. With the moveable tail, the crappies are welcomed and captured.

The 1.5 inches size is suitable as it matches the common size of small fish or larvae. You can catch crappies, basses, and panfish with this grub and no matter if you opting for jigging or casting, it does the deed in any case!

10) Expert Store Crappie Grubs Jigs Lures

If you have been fishing for a long time, you would know how crappies are attracted to grubs and they would swim miles for eating these up. So, why not get one these to attract the. These grubs are available in green and blue color to add pop of color.

Also, these are reusable, so once you catch the fish, clean the grubs and put them back in the fishing it for your next crappie fishing day. You get 50 grubs in this packet which is pretty reasonable, right?

11) Slider CSG4 Crappie Grub Lure

Whenever you go the fishing market, crappies are sold in abundance irrespective of their high price. Well, it’s self-explanatory because people devour and love its taste. However, getting them on your grill isn’t that easy because as a fisherman, you need to hunt for them.

With these slider crappie grub lure, you can not only attract the crappies, but panfish and basses as well. These grubs can be fastened with the slider head and jig heads for promising faster hunting. Also, the size is just perfect for alluring the fishes!

12) Charlie Brewer Crappie Slider Grub

Grabbing the attention of these little crappies is essential if you intend on savoring its flavor. Over time, these have become intelligent and grubs need to be natural-looking. So, this pack of grubs has sparkly items that glamorizes everything and make the grub look more visible to the crappies.

In addition, these are 1.5 inches in sized with an ability to help during jigging, casting, and trolling. Overall, it’s a satisfactory option with a vibra-tail. There are over 15 grubs in this pack, so you can catch more crappies at once.

13) Slider CSGGLO Crappie Grubs

The sea is dark and a small glow or glitter will capture the attention like nothing. Well, this is why these grubs will work with crappie fishes. You can easily catch the non-aggressive fish with this grub. Also, there are multiple patterns available to offer options and choices. We advise using some sauce sprays on the grub to attract the crappies with good food-like odor!

14) Slider CSGGF55 Crappie Grubs

These grubs are designed with soft materials to satisfy the crappies that it is eating the “real” larvae and it’s not a trap. Once you start using these grubs, you will see how crappies start pouring in. Even more, you can use these grubs with different sizes of crappie heads and that’s how it promises guaranteed results!

15) Fishing Supplies & Lures Crappie Grubs Lure Tube

This grub might be most different in the market with its vivid and vibrant shape. The grubs might look ordinary to you but these are the epitome of workmanship. These grubs have the ability to catch the attention of the crappies.

The overall outlook is very flashy which is the prime reason fishes swim to it and get tangled in the fishing hook. The grubs are constructed from silicone material to ensure long life and higher strength metrics. Also, it’s very lightweight and with compact size, it fits any jig head or the hook.

Choosing the Best Crappie Grubs

Fishing is no less than an art as one needs to know when to pull and strike to get the fish in your container. With grubs, the entire fishing process can be made effective as they allure the fishes and all you need to do is pull up. So, choose the grubs from this article and you will never regret it!

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