5 Best Crappie Spoons Reviews 2022

Best Crappie Spoons

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Best Crappie Spoons

Spoon jigs are one of the most popular variations of jigs. Featuring an oblong and concave shape, spoon jigs are made of either shells or metals. They are shaped to resemble the shape of a spoon, which is how they got their name. Spoon jigs can be quite helpful when it comes to crappie fishing. It is a well-known fact that fish use their lateral line system to detect movement.

What are the Best Crappie Spoons to Buy?

2) thkfish
Crappie Fishing Spoons

  • Aerodynamic Design & Streamlined Shape
  • Wild & Erratic Action
  • Fast Retrieve

1) Sougayilang Crappie Fishing Spoons

  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Super Strong Sharp Hook
  • Lightweight
  • Easily Adjusted
  • Easy To String

3) DAOUD-PRO Crappie Fishing Spoon

  • Sensory Stimulation To All Fishes
  • Sturdy Metal Material
  • Corrosion Resistant

The spoon jigs act on this, and feature oscillating movements that attract these fish towards them, making sure that the angler experiences a good day rather than an infuriating one. If you wish to buy and test spoon jigs for your own crappie fishing experience, here are some tips on how to choose the right ones.

  • Spoon jigs should be designed to dance and jerk around without line twist, so that when the angler starts to retreat their line, they can get multiple fish enticed towards it.
  • Straight spoons, along with slab spoons, are recommended, as they sink much quicker than other spoon variations.
  • Heavier spoons can work better if you know what the water under you has in store for you.

5 Best Crappie Spoons Reviews

1) Sougayilang Crappie Fishing Spoons

Featuring jigs that have a variety of different designs and colors, as well as a few that are different in shapes to the others, this set has a total of 30 jigs. Some of them are a little smaller than you’d expect them to be, while the others are good 1 oz jigs that are more than capable of attracting Panfish like crappie.

The hooks feature a treble design, and are quite sharp as well, making them good for penetration purposes. Made with light weighing aluminum alloy, these spoon jigs are both durable and light in weight. They have also been designed to be easy to string for then angler’s convenience. Most of them feature a metallic color body, which has a small hint of other bright colors, like red or yellow.

2) thkfish Crappie Fishing Spoons

A pack of spoon jigs that are identical in shape and size yet different when it comes to the design of their appearance, there are 5 separate spoon jigs inside of it. All 5 have been designed to be aerodynamic, ensuring that all of them will allow you to cast them to far off distances.

The streamlined shape also helps, as it allows you to retrieve them quite quickly as compared to some others. They have been designed with materials that are endurable, ensuring that they remain corrosion free and don’t bend or break. They have been buffed to the point where they possess a seemingly mirror like shine. All of these are versatile as well, allowing you to use them for both ice fishing, as well as clear water.

3) DAOUD-PRO Crappie Fishing Spoon

A set of ten similar spoon jigs, this one also features a tackle box along with it. Each one of the 10 spoon jigs are identical in weight and size, however each of them has a different color scheme, although all are bright. This attracts a multiple amount of different fish, while the movements that the jig possesses provokes them to bite, ensuring that you will be able to land at least a couple or more catches every day.

Paired with treble hooks that are quite sharp, these jigs are made with durable and corrosion resistant metals that keep the jigs in good shape for a long amount of time. There is a variety of different sizes available other than the one featured as well. The tackle box is made of plastic.

4) Smartonly Crappie Fishing Spoons Set

A large set, featuring a total of 35 almost identical fishing spoons, this is one of the bigger sets out there. Made with stainless and durable steel, all of these jigs are not only going to last a while, they are also quite convenient when it comes to cleaning them up.

The solid brass metal allows them to be both durable and corrosion free, while also making them smooth enough to provide rapid action that will attract fish towards it. They also have a noise palette for making noise to attract fish. They come with a PVC box, that can be used to store them at any time, as 35 different pieces at once can be a little much to keep track of. All 35 of them feature treble hooks.

5) CATCHSIF Crappie Spoon Jigs

Another 5 piece set, this one features almost completely identical jigs that have almost no differences. All of them weigh 10 grams each, and 50 grams in total, making them very light. The light weight and design allows them to move freely, letting them move around and jerk to attract fish towards them.

The sharp treble hooks also help with penetration, allowing the angler to get a few more catches. The size of the treble hooks on each of the spoon jigs is a number 8, meaning that they are good enough in size, while each of the jigs are about 1.75 inches themselves. They have been designed in a manner which makes them easy to spring, providing the angler with added convenience. They have been made to be great for crappie fishing.

Choosing the Best Crappie Spoons

Above are 5 of the best spoon jigs that are great specifically for crappie fishing. There are several other good spoon jigs that can be used for crappie fishing, however these are a few that stand out from the rest of them, mainly because of their features and worth for value. These jigs can’t help you to become a better angler, however they can assist you in getting a few more bites than you’d usually get, making your day fun, as opposed to infuriating.

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