11 Best Crappie Tackle Bag and Box Reviews 2022

Best Crappie Tackle Bag and Box

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Best Crappie Tackle Bag and Box

Crappie tackle boxes and bags are a way of keeping your tackle in check with ease. They let you store the tiniest of tackle without them mixing with each other to make things harder for you. Making the right choice when buying a tackle box or bag can be a bit difficult.

What are the Best Crappie Tackle Bag and Box to Buy?

2) Plano
Tackle Boxes

  • Stowaways Utility Boxes
  • Transparent For Easy Identification
  • Prolatch Locking System

1) Plano
Tackle Box

  • Premium Tackle Storage
  • DuraView Front Cover
  • Removable StowAway Utility Boxes
  • Bulk Storage Under Lid

3) Plano 473700 Tackle Storage Bag with Boxes

  • Hard Top Case
  • Removable Strap
  • Impact-Proof

Here are some tips to buying the right one.

  • Crappie tackle boxes have foldable trays inside them that are used to store different types of tackle. Before selecting a specific box to purchase, make sure that its trays are worm proof so that the plastic baits don’t melt and fuse together.
  • Tackle bags are light, while boxes are quite heavier, depending on yourself, make the choice between the two accordingly.
  • Get a box and/or bag that is waterproof to prevent anything bad from happening to your tackle.

11 Best Crappie Tackle Bag and Box Reviews

1) Plano 1354-02 Tackle Box

A bulky model by Plano, this one features a design that is multiple different models merged into one. Made using good quality components, this box has been made to be durable, which is why there is also a lifetime warranty given by its manufacturers, meaning that you can always ask them for an exchange if something goes wrong with it.

The rack system makes it easy to store multiple amounts of different and small equipment, while the DuraView system allows anglers to see which box stores what. However it is only great for small equipment, due to its small size, making it ideal for lures.

2) Plano 2350078 Tackle Boxes

This set of boxes features 4 of the 3500 prolatch stowaway utility box models. The prolatch locking system makes them easy to access and work with, meaning that you can get started with things at faster rates.

The four dividers on the set allow there to be around 5 to 9 compartments in each of the four stowaways. These compartments are adjustable, which is an added bonus.

The transparent design on each of these makes it easy for anglers to identify their equipment without having to search the box each time. Its size makes it great for organizing tackles and other small items of use.

3) Plano 473700 Tackle Storage Bag with Boxes

A good and fairly light tackle bag, this waterproof bag has been made to withstand moisture. It is quite durable as well, featuring an impact proof design that allow it to handle blows and damage for a long enough time before being unfit for use, meaning it should last you a long enough time.

Being 22 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall, it is big enough to store a lot of your equipment, making things easier. There are 2 tool holders and 5 different pockets as well. The water proof boxes on top are also a good addition for storing phones and other things.

4) Plano 350022 Double-Sided Tackle Box

Somewhat similar to the other Plano model which was previously listed before this, this tackle box features a secure latching system lock that allows anglers to work with the box comfortably due to the easy accessibility.

Being a bit big in size, this tackle box features a good amount of compartments, 23 to be exact. It is double sided, which is why there are so many compartments and which is why you will be able to store most of your small equipment, such as lures and tools, inside of it with particular ease. All of these compartments are adjustable as well, making it easier to work it.

5) Crappie Magnet 13012 Best of the Best Kit

Made by a brand that focuses mainly manufacturing equipment for crappie fishing, this box features a wide variety of items that are very helpful and some even essential for crappie fishing.

Featuring a big amount of pieces, 115 to be exact, this box features 96 bodies and 15 double cross jig heads, adding to your fishing experience by making it more versatile and easy.

Being made out of plastic materials, the tackle box has a light weight and isn’t anything difficult to work with when it comes to carrying it around. There is a wide variety of lures and there are different colored versions of them for you to try.

6) Plano 767000 Angled Tackle System

A very big and spacy tackle box, this one provides you with a lot of room to store your equipment in. it is one big box that features many of Plano’s different, smaller models to allow you to store a multitude of different things. There is also an integrated pocket on its rear side which provides it with more storage.

The duraview covers and doors makes it easier to identify the components of each compartment. One downside to it however, is that it isn’t waterproof. However the seals are tight enough for it to survive rain and a quick dunk in water.

7) Crappie Magnet 18094 Fin Spin Kit

A smaller box, this one features spin jig heads of 2 different sizes. There are 8 different yet almost identical 1/8 jig heads and there are 8 identical 1/16 sized jig heads, meaning that the box supplies you with a couple of options to prepare you for a multitude of situations.

The double cross barbs on the side of each jig head makes them hold on to the body more comfortably so you can cast or troll the lure with ease. The jig eyes are open and are ready to be used for fishing, whereas the baits feature multiple different colors that are all bright and easy to spot.

8) Plano 321508 Double Sided Tackle Box

A tackle box that has been designed efficiently for added storage, this one is double sided, allowing you to store twice as many things as you would originally get to. The silver and blue design makes it appearance look stylish, while the bulky storage area allows you to hold multiple different pieces of equipment for your ease.

The tackle box is suited to and is great for crappie and trout anglers, as it has been designed to be most suited for them. There are two opposite but completely identical storage boxes on both sides which allow you to store items comfortably, however the small size is a disadvantage.

9) Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Tackle Box

A tackle box that is most suited for fishing on ice, the equipment that comes along with this box are also all great for ice fishing, meaning that they can also be great for fishing for crappies in snowy conditions when the water freezes over.

If you are a beginner, then you would be happy to know that there is also a step by step instruction book for ice fishing inside the box, which has been written by multiple different ice fishing experts to help you getting started when it comes to catching multiple different types of fish, including Panfish like crappies. There are other helpful things such as lures as well.

10) Catch Co Crappie Tackle Box

This tackle box is an interesting one, as it worth of different tackle and lures that have been specifically designed to fish for pan fish such as crappies. The main thing about this tackle box though, which as mentioned in its name, is the fact that it is a mystery box.

Meaning that the supplies inside of it change every few months. These boxes come with good lures and other exclusive Catch Co items that are well suited for crappie fishing as well as being good for fishing for other types of Panfish. It can also help you in discovering new great lures and equipment.

11) Eagle Claw TK-CRPPE1 Tackle Box Crappie Fishing Kit

This small but efficient plastic tackle box comes with a bunch of useful equipment such as hooks lures and other things well suited to crappie fishing. Featuring 53 different pieces of tackle, each of them of course being an essential part of your crappie fishing experience, and each of them being helpful.

The product includes many different and important things, for example it includes floats which can help you identify when the fish take the bait as well as bells and swivels, along with multiple other things. Almost everything you need comes with the box, which is also reusable, and all you’ll need to get started are rod, reel, line and bait.

Choosing the Best Crappie Tackle Bag and Box

In conclusion, there are more than a few good boxes and bags for you to choose from so that you can store your equipment, however finding these out of the thousands of different models available is a hard thing to do. Given above are some of the best bags and boxes for crappie fishing, while there are some others out there that are great as well.

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