8 Best Crappie Magnet Products for Crappie Fishing

Crappie Magnet

Crappie Magnet

Crappie magnet lures and baits are an innovative invention that has made it easier to set up tackles for crappie fishing. The use of weights and attractive features have enhanced the different types of lures, and the success rate is impressive.

Many anglers have tried and recommended these magnet lures and baits because they are easy to use and come in different sizes and colors to attract crappies in the water. The crappie magnet products can be purchased online or at your local stores where fishing supplies are sold.

Crappie magnet products are sold in packs which contain about 15-100 pieces of lures and related items; the packs usually include crappie magnets of different colors. You can find white, chartreuse, pink, and clear crappie magnet lures.

For starters, you should consider the split tail lures; anglers have used these split tail crappie lures to successfully attract crappies because they are about the size of the minnows which are food for crappies. The split tail makes the lures move in ways similar to small-sized live baits to attract crappies.

It is also important to buy crappie magnet lures of different weights. Depending on the depth of the water, you can use the crappie magnet that can be suspended at the depth where the crappies are lurking.

However, some anglers use bobbers to position the lures at the right depths. The hooks will easily sink to the required depths when you use the 1/16oz, or 1/32oz crappie magnet lures. The weight also helps when jigging the lines to attract crappies.

You should also ensure that the crappie magnet lure is made from soft plastic that can hold well to the hooks without slipping off and getting lost. To avoid pollution and related hazards, it is important that you confirm the crappie magnet lures are safe for use in fresh or salt water.

8 Best Crappie Magnet Products for Crappie Fishing

1) Crappie Magnet Kit

This pack includes a variety of magnetic lures suitable anglers like to test different lures to get more bites. The crappie magnet lures are made from high-quality soft rubber and feature different bright colored lures.

The pack contains the double cross jig heads, and magnetic bodies to get a vertical suspension in the water similar to live baits. The designs make it easy to jig these lures while keeping the split tails open for a steady vertical suspension. Durable design, these lures can withstand bites to prevent a tear.

2) Leland Lures

The pack contains 15 pieces of brightly colored crappie magnet lures. They measure about 1 ¾ inches, a good size for lures to attract crappies.

The colors found in the pack include pink and chartreuse green which makes it easy for crappies to spot the lures while the angler is jigging, the quality of the material makes it easy to fix the hooks and hold even when jigging.

They can be used with 12 ft. rods, and jig heads to enable the lures to sink to the right depth in the water to attract crappies.

3) Crappie magnet Best Kit

This crappie magnet kit contains magnetic lures designed in black and chartreuse green bodies made from soft plastic. The lures have split tail ends; it also contains double cross jig heads and the floats.

A good kit for large fishing groups with over 115 items includes. The split tails on the chartreuse green jig bodies hold fast to the hooks and are suspended vertically to mimic the movement of live lures in the water. Very effective crappie magnet lures. Good for vertical jigging in murky waters to attract crappies.

4) Leland Lures Double Cross Jig Pack

This is a pack of white jig heads with a good design that works well to attract and catch crappies. The hooks attached are size 4 but have the specifications of size 2 hooks regarding the length. This gives anglers more flexibility while using this crappie magnet lure.

The magnetic lures can hand vertically while in use because of the long jig head and the use of lead to give the body the right weight. The hooks are durable and suitable for use in freshwater with the soft plastic crappie magnetic lures.

5) Leland Lures Crappie Magnet

These magnetic lures feature weighted hooks which can sink the lures to the right depths while fishing for crappies. It is a pack of four hooks designed for anglers who plan to fish from the river banks in the shallow parts of the water. The hooks weigh about 1/16oz, made from high-quality anti-corrosion materials.

They have a good brim and hold fast when grubs are attached to the hook. The weighted hooks create a convincing motion in the water to attract crappies when used for vertical jigging. Versatile use, spinners can be attached if needed.

6) Leland Lures Crappie Magnet Hard Bait

These are small sized lures designed to match the features of live lures which attract crappies such as aquatic insects, larvae, and worms. They have been carefully finished in shiny blue colors that are visible when used in tackles for jigging in clear or murky waters.

The pack contains 15 shiny blue crappie magnetic lure bodies that hold well when fastened to the hooks. The weight makes these magnetic lures assume a vertical position when casting in the water; anglers can use bobbers with this tackle to create more effect while jigging.

Depending on the crappie fishing method being used, different sizes of hooks will work with this crappie magnet jig.

7) Leland Lures Crappie Magnet Soft bodies

This pack contains 15 clear crappie magnet lures made from high-quality soft plastic to attract crappies. The magnet lures have split tail ends, and can be used with size 4 hooks to catch crappies. Good for attracting wary fish because the split end tails cause a real like movement in the water similar to small minnows.

The soft bodies hold well on the hooks; the weighted ends keep the lures in a vertical position while jigging the line. They are easy to use and durable. Good for experienced and new anglers.

8) Leyland Lures Glow Crappie Magnets

This pack contains 15 brightly colored soft crappie magnet bodies. They are a mixture of red and yellow, chartreuse and soft red bodies. The magnetic lures measure 1 ¾ inches, they also feature the split tail designs and made from durable materials to withstand bites during jigging.

The soft bodies hold well on hooks. The split tails help to suspend the lures in a vertical position while jigging to mimic the live lures such as minnows. These crappie magnets are easy to use and suitable for fresh water.

Choosing the Popular Crappie Magnet Products

For the best results when using the crappie magnet lures it is advisable to check the past reviews to ensure that the split ended tails are designed to remain open in the water. This function keeps the magnet lure in a vertical position which can attract more crappies to take bites.

Another tip when buying the magnetic lures is to look out for the color combination on the magnet lures. The best combinations are bright and chartreuse colors such as green, red, yellow, which are easy crappie magnets. For longer lasting lures, the materials should be of high quality, even with multiple bites, it can hold firm while hooked to avoid losing the lures in the water.

It is more economical to buy the complete kits for crappie magnet lure. Some of these kits contain as many as 120 items, which include brightly colored jig heads, multiple crappie magnet bodies in different colors and varying sizes of hooks and floats. With such a set, you can try out different lures to find out which lures work best at the different river depths.