Crappie Aquaponics: Brilliant Aquaculture System Designed to Rear Crappies

Crappie Aquaponics
Crappie Aquaponics

The first ideas that led to the invention of aquaponics were developed in the 1980s. Aquaponics is a brilliant aquaculture system designed to rear crappies and some other fish species.

It is a system where the crappies are grown in fish tanks, and their waste is used to provide nutrients for plants such as vegetables which in turn purify the water to make it adequate for crappies to survive. It is a symbiotic setting where the crappies and the vegetables mutually benefit.

Crappie Aquaponics

Since its invention, crappie aquaponics has been used by fish farmers who wish to have a regular source of crappies for supply to restaurants and local consumers. The most commonly used tanks for aquaponics are the Ferro cement fish tanks. They are durable and can be designed to accommodate a varying number of crappies.

Feeding the crappies

One of the benefits of the crappie aquaponics is that the farmers have an opportunity to feed the crappies properly to make them grow to slab sizes. The crappies are fed with commercial feeds or their favorites, the minnows; however, crappies are known to be ‘choosy’ when it comes to feeding.

Other options for crappie food in aquaponics include little, crawfish, larvae, small insects, and other options. Farmers usually try their options to find the food crappies seem to like. The minnows are always accepted by crappies, but they are quite expensive.

The end users tend to prefer buying crappies from farmers who own crappie aquaponics because the harvested crappies tend to be bigger and taste better because of the proper feeding and care. On the other hand, the vegetables or other plants are organic and nutritious which makes them highly demanded in the market.

Setting up crappie aquaponics

There are many DIY options that can be set up by farmers who have the experience. This is usually the case for those people who wish to manage a small-scale crappie aquaponics. However, contractors can be engaged to set up bigger Ferro cement fish tanks for large-scale crappie production. The success of crappie aquaponics has attracted more investors to set up commercial crappie aquaponics to increase the output at the time of harvest.

Advantages of crappie aquaponics

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons crappie aquaponics is becoming a preferred commercial business.

It is sustainable

The set-up is sustainable. The Ferro cement fish tanks can last for many years, and the symbiotic system which promotes the growth of crappies and plants needs very minimal monitoring.

Good profits

The yield from crappie aquaponics is impressive, and the quality of crappies makes it easy to sell them at higher prices for more profits.

Prevents overpopulation

The crappie aquaponics system can be used to avoid one of the conditions that limit crappie growth in the natural water- overpopulation.

Good source of vegetables

Farmers who choose to plant vegetables in their crappie aquaponics system will have a good harvest and better sales.

The crappie aquaponics system is the best ecological setting to grow crappies indoors. There is no threat to the environment, and the crappies thrive.

The common challenge faced by farmers is when the crappies reject the commercially produced feed. This means more money will be spent to buy minnows and other food options the crappies enjoy eating in the rivers.

So far, crappie aquaponics remains a good option as a source of crappies for people who would rather not head out to hunt for crappies in their fishing boats.


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