How Many Pounds of Crappie Fish Per Person For A Fish Fry

How Many Pounds of Crappie Fish Per Person For A Fish Fry
How Many Pounds of Crappie Fish Per Person For A Fish Fry

There are few events more enjoyable than a good, old fashioned fish fry. This is especially true if you have family and friends who love to fish. While catfish is the traditional fish for a fish fry, crappie has become a favorite as well.

Crappie is so tasty, especially when fried that it makes for the perfect dish to serve at a fish fry. But just how many pounds of crappie will you need to satisfy your guests?

How Many Pounds of Crappie Fish Per Person For A Fish Fry

Half Pound Per Person

Although it may vary depending on how much people love crappie, a good rule of thumb is that you will need about a half-pound of crappie per person for your fish fry. This should be enough to cover everyone and remember that there should be other food choices as well. For example, if there will be ten people total at your fish fry, then five pounds of crappie should do it.

If you have people who love crappie a lot, then you might go to three-quarters of a pound per person to ensure that everyone gets enough. But if you have too much, you can always freeze the rest for a later date. While it is desirable to have a little too much crappie as opposed to too little, the first thing you have to do is catch the fish.

How to Plan Your Fish Fry

If your fish fry is nothing but you, a spouse, and your child, then that should be pretty easy. But if you are inviting family and friends, you will need to get to work.

Go Fishing: You cannot have crappie for your fish fry unless you catch it first. They do not sell crappie in the stores, so you will need to set aside some time to do some fishing. Since you never can be sure how many crappies you may catch, invite family and friends who enjoy fishing along. Part of your fish fry can be to catch the fish itself.

Remember to have a weight scale in your boat or nearby so you can weigh each crappie to know if you have enough.

Store-Purchased Food: Of course, even the best fishermen may come home without enough for everyone to enjoy. This means you will need to be ready in case the crappie are not biting. But do not buy it in advance. Instead, make the call when you know that what you have will not be enough.

Get Things Ready: While you are catching the crappie, have your family and friends get everything else ready. This include brings appetizers, beverages, and food that goes with crappie. If they are not out there fishing with you, then they should be setting things up so that when you return the fish fry can begin.

A fish fry is a time to enjoy your catch, so do not let the little things get in the way of being with family and friends. Good food goes well with good company, so enjoy your fish fry to the fullest even if you do not catch all the crappie that you want.


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