4 Summertime Crappie Fishing Tips You Should Know

Summertime Crappie Fishing
Summertime Crappie Fishing

Are you planning to join dozens of anglers who will be heading out to fish for crappies this summer? If you need a good outdoor activity, I will suggest crappie fishing. The skills you will learn are awesome, and you can pass teach your children.

Crappie fishing is addictive in a positive way, engaging, competitive, and so much fun. Selling crappies is an additional benefit by the side, and you also stand the chance of getting your name on the records sheet if you land slab crappies. So gear up and join the fun.

Summertime Crappie Fishing

The first thing you should do before heading out to fish for crappies in the summer is getting your fishing gear. You need comfortable clothes, hats, UV sunglasses, and some sunscreen. Then you need rods, baits, and fishing accessories. Visit the nearby store where fishing gear is sold to find everything you need.

If this is your first experience, you may want to speak with an experienced angler to know the best spots in your area for crappie fishing during summer. Heading to these spots will increase your chances of catching crappies even on the first day. Are you excited already?

Let’s discuss some of the tips and strategies you can use to land more crappies. Your summertime crappie fishing is going to be quite different from the experience you get when fishing during other seasons. For example, you may be disappointed if you planned to fish for crappies in the shallow parts of the river during summer. The heat warms up these shallow parts making it quite uncomfortable for the crappies. So you have to change your plans.

Take, along some food; you may be gone all day, the following tips will help you enjoy summertime crappie fishing.

1. Head into the river

If you observe that crappies are not biting in the shallow parts, they have probably gone deeper where the water temperature is more comfortable. You have to follow them, steer your fishing boat to these areas and set-up your gear; you should get start getting bites.

2. Use longer rods and lines

Longer fishing rods help you cast your lines farther to cover more areas while trying to locate the schools of crappies. It is more convenient, and you can troll with these lines.

Your sinkers will help

Since crappies have gone deeper, you need the right weights to get your baits to the depths where the crappies will spot and bite them.

3. Search for covers

It is also possible to find schools of crappies hiding under covers close to the river bank during summer. The cover provides protection from the heat. If you have a crappier fish finder, locating covers beneath the water will be easy.

4. Use bright colored baits

Studying the crappie behavior during summer will help you know where to look. And using bright colored spinners and jigs will attract crappies because they are sight feeders. You should try the chartreuse green, red and other attractive colors. If you see anglers nearby catching crappies observe the sizes. This will help you select the right jigs to use.

For the average-sized crappies, smaller jigs should be used to encourage bites because of the small-sized mouths. If the crappies are larger, they have bigger mouths and will bite longer jigs.

Trolling always brings good results in many cases so if all other methods fail, don’t hesitate to troll the crappies. Use these tips to have a memorable summertime crappie fishing experience. Don’t forget to capture the moments you land crappies on camera.


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