15 Best Fish Finder for Crappie Reviews 2022 (Best Crappie Fish Finder Brands)

Best Crappie Fish Finder, Best Fish Finder for Crappie & Best Crappie Fish Finder Brands

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Best Crappie Fish Finder, Best Fish Finder for Crappie & Best Crappie Fish Finder Brands

The best time for crappie fishing is during the spring season when they are spawning in the shallow parts of lakes and rivers. Many years ago, crappie fishers had to explore different locations to find crappies during the spawning season. While it was quite an exhaustive method for catching crappies, finding the spawning locations meant that the fishers could land more crappies.

Now with the use of modern technology, you do not have to spend so much time trying to locate crappies; there are excellent crappie fish finders to help you find crappies out there in the lakes.

Crappie fish finders are smart gadgets fitted with GPS, sonar tracking systems and transducers among other features that will help you easily locate crappies during the fishing season. There are so many brands of crappie fish finders out there, so I have put together an easy guide to help you make the best decision when buying your device.

What are the Best Fish Finder for Crappie to Buy?

2) Garmin Striker GPS Crappie Fish Finder

  • Best Seller
  • Affordable
  • CHIRP Sonar
  • GPS Feature

1) Deeper Smart Sonar Pro + Crappie Fish Finder

  • High Quality
  • GPS Enabled
  • Great Connection Range
  • High Accuracy

3) Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Crappie Fish Finder

  • CHIRP Technology
  • GPS Inbuilt
  • Great Display
  • Easy Report

Real-time GPS chart plotting

The chart plotting feature on crappie fish finders is very useful to both experienced and amateur crappie fishers. You should ensure that your crappie fish finder has inbuilt GPS chart plotter that shows your position on the map. Crappie fish finders with GPS chart plotters can be used for smaller or medium-sized fishing boats while fishing for crappies.


The transducers function with a technology similar to Sonar. They generate echoes which are sent into the depths of rivers and lakes to detect the presence of crappies. An echo will be received and the results displayed on the crappie fish finder’s display screen to show you whether crappies are in the water. Transducers make it easier to find crappies hence your preferred crappie fish finder should have this function.

Bright LCD

It is essential that your crappie fish finder has a bright LCD with a high resolution to enable you to view the different results while using the different crappie fish finding features on the device. You should also ensure that your preferred device features multiple display modes to help you track crappies faster and more efficiently.

Expandable memory

Many crappie fish finders feature memory card slots that enable you to increase the memory size. Look out for this slot when you are searching for a crappie fish finder to buy. Expandable memory slots make it easier for you to use multiple maps while searching for crappies. More memory also means you can easily archive waypoints during your fishing expedition.

In-built uni-map cartography

Your sear for crappies can be quicker and more effective by using crappie fish finders that have in-built uni-map cartography that offers well-detailed charts covering the entire coastline in the United States.

Multiple display modes

For the best crappie fishing experience, you need a crappie fish finder that has multiple display modes that help you easily determine factors such as water depth, temperature, and turbulence while searching for crappies.

Other features that you should look out for when shopping for the best crappie fish finder include a sturdy design which is usually a sign of durability, tough straps to secure your device from falling into the river and waterproof carriers to protect the device while you set out for your best crappie fishing expedition yet.

15 Best Fish Finders for Crappie

1) Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Crappie Fish Finder

Its portable design is convenient for anglers who prefer to go fishing for crappies in kayaks or fishing boats. The wireless features are compatible with both the iOS and Android operating devices which make it possible for more anglers to use this crappie fish finder to land more crappies during the fishing season.

The portable sonar will remain connected while broadcasting the frequency to depths of about 260 ft. It can also be used for lower depths. Thus anglers who prefer to catch crappies on the shore can conventionally find schools of crappies close to the shore with the Deeper Smart Pro crappie fish finder.

While fishing for crappies, the GPS features highlight coordinates in four different GPS modes which are the regular GPS functionality, locating GPS from a fishing boat, crappie fishing in ice, and the Onshore GPS mode.

The control settings allow anglers to adjust settings to get the desired sensitivity, narrow (15 degrees) or broad (55 degrees) beam scanning and the use of map layouts. The app also offers a three-color selection for the display and weather forecast while fishing for crappies.

The Wi-Fi connectivity is dependable while the device is in use on fish boats or while kayaking. It comes with rechargeable batteries that last as long as 6 hours on a full charge. It works well during fresh water and salt water crappie fishing expeditions.

2) Garmin Striker GPS Crappie Fish Finder

The GPS feature is good for anglers who are interested in exploring more area in search of crappies. Using the Garmin Striker is very easy, it features a brightly colored screen which measures about 3.5 inches, on the screen anglers can view real-time details regarding the water depth, GPS coordinates, and the GPS speed.

The highly functional GPS settings in this device allow anglers to mark specific waypoints during fishing expeditions to land crappies. These waypoints are clearly demarcated on the fish finder, and the screen display shows the expected time it will take to cover each waypoint during the navigation.

With so many features on the display screen, using the Garmin Striker is easy because the sturdy design includes well-placed keypad buttons that can be used to control the device while fishing for crappies easily. The sonar system for the Garmin Striker is another useful feature that helps to quicken the search for crappies in fresh water or salt water lakes or seas.

Its functions are enhanced with the ClearVu technology. The transducer that comes with the Garmin Striker has a power rating of 200 W RMS; it functions with the CHIRP sonar technology to produce dual frequencies at 77 kHz and 200 kHz respectively.

Anglers who need to go on deep sea expeditions in search of more crappies during the fishing periods can increase the capacities of the transducers to reach more depth. The Garmin Striker is compatible with higher powered transducers such as the GT 8 and the GT 15 which can remarkably enhance the functionalities of the CHIRP technology.

It also uses the flasher report system to create reports showing the objects and presence of crappies after the sonar frequency has been broadcast. The Garmin Striker is also available in models that feature 5 and 7-inch display screens.

3) Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Crappie Fish Finder

They are like supercomputers programmed with the CHIRP DownVision which displays photographic standard images on the wide screen of the device. The CPT-DVS transom mount transducer enhances the functions of the CHIRP program to locate crappies even at depths of 600 ft. Underwater.

The sturdy design of this crappie fish finder has simple looking features that can be used by experienced and new anglers. The volume and zoom controls are positioned close to the four-way navigation button.

Reading the sonar reports is easy on the large screen depending on the model being used. The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro model is available in three models with varying screen sizes which are 4 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches. It can be easily used to track schools of crappies in fresh water or salt water due to the screen resolution which offers a clear vision in all kinds of weather.

It classifies as a “Pro” model among the Raymarine Dragonfly crappie fish finder series due to the inclusion of the Navionics + system which features the charts of over 2000 lakes across the United States and Canada.

The data from this device can be accessed from smartphones and tablets by downloading the Raymarine fish finder app. After installation, anglers can view the sonar reports and captured images on the screens of their mobile devices connected to the Wi-Fi broadcast from the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro crappie fish finder.

Other features that can be accessed on the mobile devices include the augmented reality-based waypoint tracking and navigation. Overall, the clarity of the sonar images makes it easier for anglers to detect large schools of crappies while fishing.

4) Raymarine Dragonfly Pro CHIRP Crappie Fish Finder

It has a brilliant display. Crappies can be located in rivers and lakes by using the inbuilt GPS function with are supported with Wi-Fi connectivity. It is one of the higher grade crappie fish finders developed by the Raymarine brand.

The notable feature about the Raymarine Dragonfly Pro is the clarity of the images generated from the sonar. Anglers can view the underwater conditions in fresh water or salt water lakes and rivers in clear and well-defined images that reveal the presence of crappies beneath the water.

It is good for finding crappies in deep lakes and rivers because the sonar frequency reaches depths as low as 600 ft. It comes with a CPT-DVS Transom Mount Transducer which can be mounted on different kinds of surfaces especially for anglers who will like to go searching for crappies in kayaks.

The transducer features a unique DownVision CHIRP technology that enhances underwater visibility. The Raymarine Dragonfly Pro is portable and its features can be used by anglers in the US and Canada due to the Navionics + which covers as many as 2000 lakes in both countries.

For larger boats, anglers can receive the sonar reports from the Raymarine Dragonfly Pro wirelessly on smartphones by activating the Wi-Fi broadcast feature. This means the device can be mounted in the control room while the angler monitors the reports from other parts of the boats; alerts are also sounded as loud alarms when schools of crappies are detected underneath the water.

A sturdy design, widescreen viewing, clear images, and low sonar depths landing more crappies during fishing expeditions is easier with the Raymarine Dragonfly Pro.

5) Garmin 010-01807-00 Striker 5cv

It is the base model among the Garmin series of crappie fish finders. Anglers who feel the need to monitor the waypoints and particular routes while searching for crappies will find the waypoint tracker on this device very useful.

It is also easy to use; the waypoints are tagged on the display screen as the fishing boat moves along the areas where crappies are expected to converge. The CHIRP enhanced sonar functions offer a wider reach while broadcasting the frequencies to locate crappies in the region.

Similar to other Garmin crappie fish finders, the Garmin base model features the in-built flasher which detects the data from the sonar which is displayed on the screen. Objects such as tall or short weeds and crappies can be easily detected after broadcasting the frequencies in a region because the Garmin Striker captures and relays the images in a high-resolution photographic format which is easily interpreted by experienced and amateur anglers.

These images are displayed on a 5-inch HGVA multi-color display. These images also show the base contour layout beneath the fishing boat. The water rating is however stated as IPX7 which means it can withstand minimal exposure to water but the device should not be fully submerged as its performance will be compromised.

The transducer is mounted, and after it is set up, a wire cable is used to connect the transducer to the Garmin Striker. Anglers who have planned longer crappie fishing expeditions can power the Garmin Striker with their trolling batteries to ensure an uninterrupted use throughout the crappie fishing.

6) iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

The iBobber is good for finding crappies in places that cannot be easily reached by boat. Narrow parts of lakes and rivers where large schools of crappies converge can be located by using the iBobber because of its compact design.

The portable design makes it easy to scan areas within 100 meters with the Bluetooth wireless synchronization technology which is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems. For longer fishing expeditions, GPS spot tagging can be continuously done to find crappies out there in the lakes and rivers because the iBobber comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that lasts for more than ten hours after a full charge.

Other functions that make it easier for both experienced and amateur anglers to find crappies with the iBobber crappie fish finder are the audible alarms that sound when schools of crappies are detected in the depths, atmospheric measurements such as water temperature, air pressure, and wind speed.

Progress reports can be saved and reviewed for reference while searching for crappies. The free app for the iBobber creates a comprehensive log that shows the duration of use, dates, locations and the species of crappies that have been landed.

Reports are created and saved in real-time. The iBobber crappie fish finder works well in both salt and fresh water which makes it convenient for anglers who prefer to go kayaking or sail out on a fish boat while searching for crappies.

7) Venterior Portable Crappie Fish Finder

The features of the Venterior portable crappie fish finder make it easy for anglers to find crappies in lakes and rivers. It is a good choice for kayakers who look forward to landing more crappies during the crappie fishing season.

Anglers can use this portable crappie fish finder to find schools of crappies in depths ranging from as shallow as 5 ft. to depths reaching as low as 328 ft. It can be used during the day or at night; the Venterior Portable crappie fish finder has a wide viewing LCD screen that shows the accurate reports sent from the floating transducer.

The LCD screen of this crappie fish finder has anti-UV properties which improve the visibility of the screen during sunny days. The transducer is attached to the handheld monitor with a 25 ft. cable, the sensor sends out echoes to detect the crappies underneath the rivers or lakes at an angle of 45 degrees.

The transducer can be attached and detached through a port fitted with a stopper to prevent water from ruining the device while in use, in the packaging a side scan adapter is included and a neck strap to prevent the handheld monitor from slipping into the water while in use.

Finding crappies with the Venterior portable crappie fish finder is easier when it is used at warmer temperatures during the crappie fishing season.

8) Hummingbird 410220-1 Helix 5, Chirp Di GPS G2

Finding crappies with the Hummingbird even when they are not spawning is easy because of its side-imaging technology which is supported by one of the easiest precision internal GPD chart plotting features that amateur and experienced anglers can use to find crappies out there.

With sonar system powered at 4000 watts, the Hummingbird crappie fish finder sends out a remarkable power output that can locate crappies at very low depths reaching about 1500 ft.

It also features a convenient screen display that has white backlight functions so you can use it early in the morning or even when at dawn. The display screen is 5 inches, and it displays 256 colors which make the Uni-map cartography features easier to use.

There is a memory card slot to increase the memory capacity of the device which is convenient for users who need to use more maps while searching for crappies. The Hummingbird can also be used to determine the water temperature since crappies enjoy the warmer parts of the lakes. Overall, Hummingbird is great for all anglers who wish to land more crappies.

9) HawkEye FishTrax 1X Portable Dot Matrix Fish Finder

The simple user-interface of the FishTrax 1X makes it very easy to use for tracking crappies. It comes with inbuilt features that help to determine depth range, water temperature, underwater contour, and variable sensitivity to detect crappie clutter in the region being scanned.

The sonar frequency sent from this device has a dual frequency which aids the detection of crappies over a wider area. The sonar frequency reaches depths of 240 feet due to the enhanced sonar which broadcasts a dual beam that switches automatically when in use.

The dual sonar frequencies send out 83 KHz and 200 KHz frequencies which generate as much as 83,000, and 200,000 pulses received by the mounted transducer respectively. The FishTrax 1X has a detachable transducer which makes it easier to detect schools of crappies from different types of fishing boats.

It is a good crappie fish finder for fishers who wish to go crappie fishing in kayaks or smaller fishing boats. Other useful features include the VirtuView Dot Matrix Display, audible fish alarms, high screen resolution and adjustable sensitivity settings that can be modified to suit the different water depths while searching for crappies.

The four-way scroll buttons make it easier for experienced and amateur anglers to scroll through the reports while searching for crappies.

10) Lucky FFW-718 Wireless Portable Sonar Fish Finder

It is very convenient and easy to use, no wires, just the crappie fish finder, and a neck strap to secure it from falling. The Lucky FFW brand is also high in demand because it can be used to detect large groups of crappies in all kinds of waters such as freshwater rivers and lakes and saltwater bodies (oceans).

Finding crappies is easy with this portable wireless crappie fish finder, its sonar system sends out a 125 KHz sonar frequency at as high as 433 MHz. This frequency reaches a low range of 45- 120 meters.

The in-built memory stores the previous sonar settings so it does not need to be reset any time the device will be used except you have moved to a different location. It has a wonderful display with an adjustable screen contrast and real-time crappie detection in the river.

The wireless frequency output covers a region of 120 meters to detect crappies in the fishing region. No worries about power because the Lucky-FFW has a battery that can last as long as 550 hours. A sturdy design, and a water-resistant casing and a loud fish alarm, it is a great crappie fish finder.

11) Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder

The bright LCD display on the Venterior makes it easy to view the reports from scans that point out fish location. The device has an anti-UV LCD display with a long-lasting LED backlight.

Finding crappies during the spawning season or during spring will be easy with the capacity of its transducer which sends echoes to depths as low as 328 feet. The sensor that locates crappies at this depth covers an area of 45 degrees, the Venterior functions optimally in areas of high temperature so it can be used for major crappie fishing expeditions.

While in use, the Venterior is secured with a neck strap and its transducer is attached to the main device with a 25 feet long cable. For the best results, the fishing boat speed should be reduced while the transducer is floating in the water to easily detect the presence of crappies.

The transducer for this crappie fish finder performs excellently at lower depths so it can also be used for finding crappies in the winter or colder regions. Finding crappies in rivers, lakes, and seas can be done with the venterior because the sensitivity settings can be adjusted to suit the types of water body the angler decides to search for crappies.

The long-lasting batteries enable anglers to use all the functions of the Venterior such as the audible alarm settings, backlight mode, and the transducers for many hours while searching for crappies.

12) Raymarine Dragonfly-4DV CHIRP DownVision Sonar

It is good for anglers who need to move around very quickly rather than wasting time trying the detect crappies at particular locations. The 4DV CHIRP DownVision Sonar technology sends high definition images that reflect the environment in the water depths.

Locating the images of crappies on the received images can be accurately done to save time. The bright widescreen view can be used under very sunny conditions without vision impairment. The underwater viewing settings can be adjusted depending on the depth of the river or lake.

The Raymarine Dragonfly crappie fish finder can be used by anglers searching for crappies or kayaks or on fishing boats because of the ball and socket mount which is flexible and can be adjusted to suit the angler’s position while searching for crappies or navigating the fishing boat.

The CHIRP transducer sends out echoes at a depth of about 328 feet covering an extensive area to locate large or smaller schools of crappies during the spawning season.

The Raymarine Dragonfly crappie fish finder also features volume and zoom control buttons, a four-way control button for easy navigation, and easy to read indicators on the wide viewing screen that indicate the battery power, water temperature, water depth, the presence of long and short weeds and bottom contour detection to show the underwater conditions. The features make it easy to quickly detect the presence of crappies in salt water or fresh water.

13) Lowrance 000 – 12636 -001 Hook -3x DSI Sonar

The simple design makes it easy to use all the features of the Lowrance portable crappie fish finder. On the panel, there is a four-way rotational button for easy screen navigation, volume/zoom control, and the menu button.

The power terminals can be attached to the batteries on the fishing boat, so it can be used to track crappies for as long as the angler desires without running out on power. The zoom control buttons can be used to view images as large as 4x in areas where crappies have been detected.

The DSI sonar system on the Lowrance is calibrated in two frequencies for more convenience. Anglers can choose to adjust the sonar settings at 455 kHz or 800 kHz frequencies for better results.

Tracking crappies with the Lowrance can be done without reducing the speed of the fishing boat drastically because the transducer is enhanced to detect crappies at a speed of 55Mph.

This is possible because the transducer of this crappie fish finder uses the down-scan imaging technology to detect the presence of crappies. The reports on the LCD screen can be easily analyzed because of the LED backlight function which illuminates the viewing screen at a resolution of 320 x 240 to prevent the sunlight from impairing visibility.

14) Outlife Fish Finder Wireless and Rechargeable Sonar Sensor Crappie Fish Finder

This crappie fish finder has a powerful antenna and a wireless sonar sensor which eliminates the limitation of a cable. The floating sonar sensor can cover a wider distance while the angler searches for crappies.

The sonar frequency reaches as high as 125 kHz and the Outlife can be used to detect the presence of crappies at depths of about 120 feet. The echoes transmitted from the sonar sensor are broadcast at an angle estimated to be 90 degrees which is a far-reaching coverage that can help both new and experienced anglers locate more areas where crappies have converged during the crappie fishing season.

The wireless feature is convenient due to the limitations anglers experience when using crappie fish finders that have been fitted with shorter cables. Using the Outlife wireless crappie fish finder is easy; the bright wide viewing display screen clearly shows the images send from the sonar sensor showing the presence of crappies, or weed at the bottom of the lakes or river.

The Outlife wireless crappie fish finder can be used during the day or at night, the bright display makes the screen visible during the daytime regardless of the sunlight intensity, and the screen is lit by a backlight at night for better visibility when anglers decide to go searching for crappies at after dark.

The Outlife Wireless crappie fish finder can be used for as long as five hours at a stretch; the handheld device is powered by 4 x AAA batteries while the sensor is charged by attaching a flexible cable charger.

The audible fish detection alarm of this crappie fish finder sounds a distinctive alarm when crappies are detected at depths as low as 100 feet. The size and wireless functions make the Outlife wireless crappie fish finder a good choice for all anglers.

15) Lucky Portable Crappie Fishing Finder

The bright LCD shows the location of crappies in both freshwater and salt water. It is easy to use due to the LCD orientation which has easy to read indicators displayed on the bright screen which show the water depth, location of crappies, bottom contour detection reports, sensitivity setting and other indicators that can show the angler the current battery strength, and the current backlight setting.

Easy access to these features makes it convenient for experienced and new anglers to use the Lucky Portable crappie fish finder to land more crappies. The transducer sends out sonar to reach depths of about 328 feet at an angle of 45 degrees.

The sonar detection sends reports that indicate the presence of crappies as well as long or short weeds in the depths below. The transducer comes with a detachable float, and it is attached with a 25 feet long cable which makes it easy for anglers to detect the presence of crappies in regions that may be too narrow for the fishing boats.

Anglers who go kayaking while searching for crappies will also find it easy to use the Lucky crappie fish finder to detect large schools of crappies at varying depths between 9 ft. – 328 ft.

Anglers who search for crappies while kayaking may need longer cords to conveniently attach the transducers to the kayak while allowing more length to search for crappies. The Lucky crappie fish finder uses batteries, on a full charge; the batteries can run for as long as six hours.

Choosing the Best Crappie Fish Finder from the Best Crappie Fish Finder Brands

When buying portable crappie fish finders, you can make an easier choice by choosing a crappie fish finder that is suitable for the kind of fishing activity you prefer. Some anglers prefer to land crappies from their kayaks; others use floating tubes or go out to the deeper waters on fishing boats, while some anglers prefer to catch crappies from strategic onshore locations.

Overall, it is best to buy a crappier fish finder that offers a wider range of useful features because you may choose to go searching for crappies in the deeper waters later. The important features to look out for are the GPS functionalities.

2) Garmin Striker GPS Crappie Fish Finder

  • Best Seller
  • Affordable
  • CHIRP Sonar
  • GPS Feature

1) Deeper Smart Sonar Pro + Crappie Fish Finder

  • High Quality
  • GPS Enabled
  • Great Connection Range
  • High Accuracy

3) Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Crappie Fish Finder

  • CHIRP Technology
  • GPS Inbuilt
  • Great Display
  • Easy Report

Crappie fish finders that offer dual scanning options referred to as the narrow and wide beam scans should be good for you. some anglers also prefer to use the crappie fish finders that come with wireless transducers, the other option are the crappie fish finders with transducers that have been attached with cables as long as 25 ft.

A photographic display is also another appealing feature, it shows a clear image that indicates the presence of crappies, long or short weeds and other objects beneath the water. If you are currently fishing for crappies in shallow depths, you can choose to buy crappie fish finders that have varying depth capacities in case you decide to go fishing for crappies in deeper waters later.

The depth range usually falls between 3 ft. and 328 ft., while some more advanced crappie fish finders can detect crappies in depths of 600 ft. Look out for the crappie fish finders with higher Water IPX ratings; these models are more water resistant to splashes and immersion.

It is also easier to use crappie fish finders that have flexible mounting options which are suitable for kayaks, fishing boats, or floating tubes. Anglers who wish to catch crappies during the day or at night and in all kinds of weather should choose crappie fish finders whose screens have been enhanced to display clear images and data regardless of the weather conditions.

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