Crappie Fishing – The Complete Guide

If you’re a beginner looking to get into crappie fishing or if you’re a seasoned vet trying to improve your skills, you’ve come to the right place. This page acts as a road map for, and contains links to articles on all the basics of crappie fishing. If you follow it from top to bottom, you should have a good understanding of why crappie behave the way they do and how to take advantage of their tendencies to produce a cooler full.

What is a Crappie?black crappie

A crappie is a type of a freshwater fish, belonging to the sunfish family. Along with the bass, catfish, and trout, it is consistently one of the most fished freshwater fish in U.S. Here are some general crappie facts and characteristics of this popular fish.

Why Crappie Fishing?

With all the other species of fish out there, why fish for crappie? Bass may provide a thrilling fight on the line, musky may be ever elusive giants of the open water, and bluegill may be an easy catch on a lazy summer day, but crappie are somewhere in between. They can be elusive or abundant, lazy or aggressive, shallow or deep. Fact is, they always make it exciting to fish for them. Not convinced? Here are 4 more reasons you should be on the lake crappie fishing right now!

When and Where Should I Fish for Crappie?three-men-in-bass-boat

Crappie are very seasonally dependent. They move to certain areas depending on the time of year and temperature of the water. You’ll have to do some trial and error to figure out exactly where they will be during a given time of year, but for the most part crappie will follow certain seasonal tendencies year to year. Fall is often thought of as the hardest season to catch crappie, but it doesn’t have to be.

What Should I Use to Catch Crappie?

How do I Actually Catch Them?

So you have the gear and you know what bait/lure to use, but how do you actually catch crappie? The good news is that there is a multitude of ways to get one on the line. Like your bait and lure choice, it’s smart to take seasonal considerations into account. Whatever the season, think where the crappie might be on your lake and use a technique that matches the type of water and structure. Here are several techniques and rigs you can use when out on the water. Ice fishing for crappie can also be very productive. Here’s an infographic that summarizes the common ways to catch crappie:

Different methods to catch crappie

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Once you are able to catch some crappie, taste the fruits of your labor by trying these delicious crappie recipes.

Hopefully this is enough to get you on the water and on the prowl for a crappie or two. Remember, where you will find crappie, how you will catch them, and what you will use to catch them is highly dependent on the season. After crappie fishing for a while you will pick up on their tendencies and be able to more quickly and efficiently pinpoint their location and haul them in. If you have any success stories, I would love to hear them. Comment and let me know below!

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