How To Catch Big Crappie

How To Catch Big Crappie
How To Catch Big Crappie

Every fisherman dreams of catching those really big fish regardless of species and crappie fishermen are no different. Since most crappie runs under 1 ½ pound anything bigger is considered a slab, with any crappie weighing two pounds or more feeling like a trophy catch. However, catching large crappies may not be as easy as some people think. Here are some tips that will help you learn how to catch those really big crappies.

How To Catch Big Crappie

Knowing Where To Fish

The first key to catching those really big crappies is to know where those big crappie actually are. While it is true that most crappie fishing spots are likely to have a few large crappies, your best chance of catching big ones consistently is by fishing where large populations of big crappie are.

For starters, you may want to check with fish and wildlife agencies in your area or state to find out where large crappies are known to be. You can also check the internet and various fishing forums to learn where people are catching these larger fish.

Keep in mind if you truly want to catch large crappie then you may have to be prepared to do a bit of traveling since not every area or even every state have large crappies among their population.

Keep in mind that large crappies don’t normally hang out with smaller crappies, so if you are hauling in a bunch of small crappies then you may want to head for deeper water to find the size fish you are looking for. Check the deeper water for areas that will supply the larger crappie with cover and try fishing there. You also want to try and avoid those hot spots where crappie fisherman fish in large numbers as the population of crappie there are likely to be depleted.

Use Bigger Bait to Catch Bigger Fish

Just like people larger fish need more food to continue to grow and to keep from growing hungry. While large crappie that is really hungry may go after smaller bait, they prefer to spend their energy going after bait large enough to quench their hunger and fill their larger tummies. So try using bigger bait to catch those bigger fish.

Most pro fishermen who are used to catching big crappie do by using bait such as crankbaits, small spinnerbaits, 2” to 2 1/2” jigs, and bigger shiners instead of minnows. You may not get as many bites since larger bait will too big for small crappie to swallow, but the bites you do get will be from bigger fish.


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