What To Use To Catch Crappie?

What To Use To Catch Crappie
What To Use To Catch Crappie

While there are a variety of tools that you use to catch crappie, a boat is not only one of them since catching crappie can be done from either a boat or from the shore.

What To Use To Catch Crappie

Here is a look at what you do need to catch crappie.

A Fishing Poleone of the most important things in need to catch crappie is a fishing pole. While almost any pole will do, experts recommend you try using a longer pole rather than a shorter one.

The Right Weight Line – You don’t need a thick and heavy line to catch crappie. In most cases using a 2,4, or 6-pound line will sufficient. However, if you are fishing where there is a lot of brush, you might want to try a 10-pound line to prevent so much breakage.

A Fishing Net – Crappies have very delicate mouths, so if you are trying to lift your crappie into your boat or onshore using the hook and line alone then you are liable to lose as many crappies as you catch. So using a fish net to catch crappie will help you bring more fish into the boat or your fishing bucket.

The Right Size Hooks – Another important tool you need to use to catch crappie are hooks. #2, #4, and #6 hooks are the hooks to hooks to use when fishing crappie. If crappies can see the hook they won’t take the bait so you need small enough hooks not to show once your hook is baited.

Various Baits – Like any fish crappie have their preferred foods so that you come equipped with various baits to see which baits the crappie are biting on any given day. The most common types of baits to use to catch crappie are:

  • Night Crawlers – this is an excellent bait for beginner fishermen and one of the cheapest baits that crappie will take. Be sure that your nightcrawlers are in an aerated container so the worms are getting fresh air all of the time.
  • Minnows – Minnows are also a favorite meal for crappie. Keep in mind that your minnows should be no more than 3 inches long. Placing an ice packet in your bait bucket will keep the water for you minnows cooler and changing the water frequently will provide you bait with adequate oxygen.
  • Various types of lure – Crappie seem to like marabou jigs, minnow style crankbaits, and spinnerbaits best, and having a few of each will allow you to try out the different lures to see which one works best for you.

Information and Knowledge – The most important tool to use to catch crappie in knowledge and information. You need to know where to find the crappie and learn about their habitats and habits in order to be a successful crappie fisherman. You can learn the basics of crappie fishing by reading up on the internet and talking to those who are successful at fishing for crappie. Learning from those with more experience than you is one of the most useful things you can do to catch crappie during every season. ”

Use A Fishing Net

Whether fishing from shore or from a boat you may want to use a fishing net when fishing for the big crappie. These fish are called paper mouths due to the fact that their mouths are paper thin. Trying to lift two-pound crappie using just your fishing line can end up with you losing more fish then you catch. So using a net once you get the fish close will help to bring more of these large fish into your boat or ashore.

Catching big crappie is not so much a matter of having special skills as it knowing where to fish and what size baits you need to catch those really big fish.

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