How To Hook A Minnow For Crappie Fishing

How To Hook A Minnow For Crappie Fishing
How To Hook A Minnow For Crappie Fishing

If you are looking to successfully catch crappies then you want to use the bait that will be tempting to crappies because it is the type of food they normally eat. This means minnows. However, you need to keep in mind that live bait is forbidden to be used in some waters or states so you need to make sure that it is legal to use minnows in the waters you are planning to fish for crappies.

How To Hook A Minnow For Crappie Fishing

What Kind of Minnows To Use

You can either purchase or catch the minnows you are planning on using to catch crappie. Buying minnows to use for bait is convenient and ensures that you have only the right type of minnows that will interest the crappies the most. There are 3 types of minnows that are perfect for catching crappie. Flatheads, golden shiners, and rosy reds.

  • Flathead minnows are hardy and within sudden changes in temperatures. Their duller color may make them less attractive to crappies, but they will still go for these fish since they are part of the crappie diet especially in the midwest.
  • Golden Shinners are popular in the South and while they are not as hardy as flatheads, they are more lively and their bright golden color makes them an attractive meal for a Crappie.
  • Rosy Reds are a type of flathead minnow with a bright golden red color. These minnows are both hardy and bright colored, which makes them ideal for crappie fishing.

When choosing minnows for crappie fishing, it is best to choose minnows that are only 1 to 2 inches in length. You will also need to keep your minnows alive so you will need a good live well or cooler for your minnows to keep them lively.

The Hook

To hook a minnow properly you need to choose the right hook. You are going to want a thin wire hook with a long shank. The hook section of the hook should only be about 1/3 the size of the minnow because Crappies have good eyesight and if they see the hook they won’t take the bait.

Ways to Hook a Minnow for Crappie Fishing

There are three different ways to hook a minnow for crappie fishing and here is an explanation of all three ways along with the best time to use each method of hooking.

Tail Hook Method

The tail hook method is best for free line fishing. To tail hook a minnow you place the head of the minnow into the palm of your hand and run the hook through the fleshy part of the body at the base of the tail.

The Back Hook Method

Back hooking a minnow works best when you are bobber fishing. You need to place the hook in the back of the minnow by placing it in front of the dorsal fin keeping it low enough to avoid breaking the backbone.

The Lip Hook Method

The lip hook method is best used when you plan on casting or trolling. To lip hook a minnow you place the hook behind the minnows lower lip and push it up through the upper lip.

Keep in mind that a Crappie will not bite a minnow that smells of humans. So you should dip your hands into the water you are fishing in before placing each minnow on the hook.

Now that you know how to hook live minnows for catching those Crappies your luck with hooking these fish should improve.


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