Slab Crappies: Bigger Than the Averagely Sized Crappies

Slab Crappie
Slab Crappie

One of the best moments during crappie fishing is catching slab crappies. This achievement is usually marked by a scream, and cheers among a group of anglers, pictures will be taken to keep the memory alive, and then everyone returns to continue crappie fishing in the hope of catching more slabs crappies.

What are slab crappies and why are they such a big deal?

Slab crappies are larger crappies bigger than the averagely sized crappies we can easily catch during a fishing trip. The sizes of these crappies are astonishing, and they are sold for a lot more than the regular sized crappies. So what qualifies crappie to be called a slab? Any crappie that measures about 14” to 16” or more and weighs close to 4 pounds qualifies to be called slab crappie.

Are there any particular methods for catching slap crappies?

Many anglers are so fascinated by the huge size of the slab crappies they catch that they take pictures and sometimes release the crappies back into the water. Catching slabs can be done using the regular crappie fishing methods such as casting, or using fishing rigs, and trolling for crappies. Fishing for slab crappies can also be done from the river banks, or from a fishing boat. However, using a fishing boat will increase your chances of catching crappies that qualify to be called slabs because these larger crappies tend to stay in the deeper parts of the water.

Fishing from the river banks will be great if the water is clear enough for you to see the size of the crappies and then troll with your line. A regular 6-foot lightweight spinning line, a 4-pound test line, a good jig and a bobber are all you need to get started if you want to cast from river banks.

The best jigs for catching slab crappies

There are no particular preferences regarding the jigs for slab crappies, what is most important in locating where to find slab crappies. However, the jigs should be brightly colored (preferably chartreuse colors), high-quality soft rubber body supported with a weighted head to make the jig seem alive in the water. You can buy jogs with 3D eyes too. The jig I have just described can attract slabs because crappies rely on their sight to find food in the water.

Searching for slab crappies

The pride in landing slab crappies has not gone unnoticed; many states have leveraged the presence of slabs in their rivers and lakes to attract more anglers and tourists. You can find the largest sizes of slab crappies recorded published on the states fisheries websites. The slab crappies caught are confirmed, weighed and measured. Some states in the US that have recorded the biggest slab crappies are Florida, Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, etc.

However, some basic tips to land slab crappies are planning your crappie fishing trip during the summer. Slab crappies like the warm water and they come closer to the shore during summer. Fishing in deeper waters will also increase your chances of landing giant crappies. You can also locate rivers that have dense weeds and brush piles in the river bed beneath. Using a crappie fish finder can also help you locate large schools of crappies.

In conclusion, the spawning season is the best time to find crappies even the elusive slab crappies. Keep casting and don’t forget to take pictures when you catch a slab crappie.


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