Who is Mr. Crappie? Wally Marshall

Who is Mr. Crappie
Who is Mr. Crappie

There is no angler or fisherman who is more known for crappie fishing as much as Wally Marshall.

Mr. Wallace Edwin Mr. Crappie was born in Lynwood, California in August of 1956 at the St. Frances Hospital to Mr. Robert and Doris Marshall. In 1959, his family relocated to Garland in Texas from Camden in Arkansas. Wally recalls that his parents had purchased a home in East Vista, in eastern Garland, and then, about a year later moved 833 Maple, to the north of pickle factory, Walnut Street. He was nicknamed “Wally” however his closest friends call even more than that.

After all, he was even nicknamed “Mr. Crappie” because of his expertise in crappie fishing, which is why you are reading this blog about him today.

Mr. Crappie even went on a very lengthy legal struggle with a shop owner in Lake Fort Gibson just to ensure he keeps the trademark, “Mr. crappie”

Mr. Crappie designs, endorse and promotes several high-quality crappie fishing products that can make your crappie fishing easier, enjoyable and memorable experience.

Wally 62, attended Grundler Country College daycare on Plano Road and was at the age of six, enrolled in B.H. Freeman’s elementary. In 1963, Mr. Crappie’s parents had purchased a new house in front of the Walnut Hospital in Frances in 2117, in his second grade. Wally recalls that on the day JFK was murdered in 1963 in Dallas, Texas, every kid in his school on that day was called into the cafeteria, where the principal Mrs. Sewell together with Jess Propher, told them of it, and they made colorful posters for the president!

Wally loved going to games so much that he was always eager for his parents to come back from work so he could go to games. During the summer, he would play baseball at the little league of North Garland. Then he moved to the Garner little league at that time it was still a brand new ballpark. Wally was a good player and even played for the Garland Fence, at the time when it was coached by Billy Rosenbaum along with his father Robert.

Even today, Wally still remembers most of his teammates while he was with the Garland Fence. He’d joyfully mention Larry Hart and Larry, Sammy Woods, Herman Erwin, Freddie Hall, and Scott Rosenbaum, among many others…”Those were the days”, he would happily recall. Garner All-Stars progressed to the regionals, where Mark Miller pitched the game as Marshall caught the perfect 5-nil at just 11 years old against the Carrollton, Texas.

He also played football and basketball for Freemans Tornado while in fifth and sixth grades. He was coached by MJ Phelps, and Mr. Boyer, he remembers while in sixth grade, he was named the defensive player in the week on the team.

Marshall used to own a plumbing company in Garland, Texas, before taking on a job with the Garland school district in 1985. Then for 17 years, he worked with the school district as the plumbing superintendent.

Mr. Crappie was either quail hunting or crappie fishing in his spare time. He entered into a crappie tournament in 1997 held on Cedar Creek Lake, in the east of Texas. He won the tournament, with a co-worker from the school district.

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