Why Do Crappie Like Different Colors? (Pink, Gold, Green and more)

Why Do Crappie Like Different Colors
Why Do Crappie Like Different Colors

Almost all veterans who fish crappie can tell that’s there’s a time when they caught crappie fish immediately they threw their yellow jig, and then for no apparent reason, they suddenly stop making a catch. They’d try different depths, take different actions, but nothing seems to be working anymore until they ditch the red grub, then the white, blue, yellow, gray, and on and on they go.

Crappie anglers often experience such kind of days when on a clear water a silver-head jig with a white head brings in crappies far exceeding a red-head jig with a silver body. Many anglers have also reported that there are times when only the color hook made the difference. On other days, a red-baited hook may steal the show against the standard gold hooks, or a fathead minnow on a blue or green hook may even do a better job of attracting than the bronze model would do.

Why Do Crappie Like Different Colors

Alright, enough of all the instances, there is a reason for this Mood swing in the crappie fish resulting in the different results, and here is why: the crappie fishes are primarily sight feeders, and that can be observed merely by taking a look at their large eyes in relation to their total body size. Like all fishes, crappie sees colors and they have a definite choice of the color of the bait they want from day to day, sometimes even from minute to minute.

Why there maybe Blackness in crappie

As you move from water to water, and the season changes, you will see a difference in the tint of crappie you come across. This is as a result of the natural spawn which occurs in crappie. This change in the crappie species is both natural and genetic, so it is absolutely normal for it to occur.

The use of colors to catch crappie

So when you go fishing for crappie and you’re sure there are fishes there but are not making any catch, the reason could be that the crappie there have a mood swing. Whatever you do from then on, you’re just not going to make that catch you should be making. The simple solution is that you have to go fishing with your arsenal well-armed to the teeth.

This simply means you go with enough lures of various colors. When you find that you’re not catching any fish or as much as you should, you may have to change your lure color, and that singular action can be the difference between you and the crappie angler you want to be. You may also be getting enough catch, but just want to change, so the crappie won’t be used to your current color and still find the new color enticing.

Why crappie likes pink color

The mood swing is why it seems crappie likes some colors like pink, over others. So the color change or tint (to black) is as a result of the change in season and water, and their preference for pink is as a result of the fact that they are sight feeders and may be experiencing a mood swing.

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