Delicious Beer Battered Crappie Recipe

Beer Battered Crappie Recipe
Beer Battered Crappie Recipe

As one of the most popular panfish in the country, it is little surprise to find countless different crappie recipes. The fish taste simply amazing no matter how you plan to cook them, whether panfrying, boiling, battering, or making a delicious chowder.

One of the great things about crappie is just easy it so to cook them. Many anglers love to cook these tasty fish straight from the water, as crappie unquestionably taste their best when cooked as fresh as possible.

So, next time your heading to the lake to catch some crappie, be sure to bring a few cooking supplies along with you for one of the freshest shoreside meals you’ll have! One crappie recipe well worth trying when out fishing with your buddies is a beer battered crappie.

It couldn’t be easier to make, and you can create the batter mix at home, pack in a container and take it with you so you can enjoy some beer battered crappie straight from the water. You’ll need a cooking stove and pan for this recipe if cooking outside, but it works just as well from the comfort of home – just make sure to keep the crappie fresh for the best taste!

Beer Battered Crappie Recipe


  • Fresh Crappie Filet
  • Your favourite beer
  • Flour
  • One Egg
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Paprika or Garlic Powder (optional)
  • Cooking Oil (peanut or canola works well)

This recipe should cover two portions, but you can make adjustments to accommodate more people if needed, and it’s easy enough to try different additions if you want to experiment with flavours!

To start, you’ll want to prepare your crappie. For one to two portions, around 1lb of crappie filet should suffice, but you can always prepare more if you’re feeling extra hungry or have a few mouths to feed!

If your crappie filets are quite fresh, you may want to give them a pat down with paper towels just to dry them out a little bit – this helps the batter stick even better so is worth doing!

Now, prepare all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Again, the amount to use varies depending on the portion size, but for one to two people prepare the following dry ingredients:

  • 1 ½ cup flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp paprika or garlic powder (optional)

Combine these together and then beat in the egg. It’s now time to add the beer. Again, your preference of beer is fine, a good ale works very well, but any type of beer works well with the dish – be sure to try some different beers to get that perfect match!

The batter should now be fully prepared. It may be thin, which is fine as long as it combines with the crappie, but if it seems too thin just slowly add more flour to get the desired texture.

Dip the crappie filets into the battered mix, generously coating each one on either side.

Heat a quarter cup of cooking oil in a pan at a high heat, or simply use a deep fryer if you have one. Fry for a few minutes on either side and enjoy!


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