How to Cook Crappies

How to Cook Crappies
How to Cook Crappies

Have you ever wondered why crappies are so popular? Asides from the fact that the crappie fishing experience is very enjoyable, they also taste great. Anglers who land enough crappie can make a lot of money selling them in the market. There is always a demand for crappies because they are a rich source of protein and crappies taste great regardless of the way you choose to cook them.

Crappies can be prepared as meals in different ways, similar to other fish species; there are healthy crappie cooking methods. So everyone who loves eating crappies can enjoy their favorite meals without being concerned about their health.

How to Cook Crappies

Crappie cooking methods

Crappies can be cooked in a pan, baked or deep fried as fillets. These are just some basic methods of cooking crappies; we know expert chefs out there will have a couple of more creative ideas. You should also try out some recipes, who knows what you can discover?

Cleaning your crappies

Before cooking crappies, they should first be properly cleaned. The process is easy and can be done quite quickly. Crappies can be cleaned with a fillet knife, cut down behind the crappie gills until your blade touches the bone, twist the knife and cut all the way down to the tail.

Cut off the fins, and you have your fillet. Look out for any bones and remove them. You can then wash the flesh thoroughly in water to remove blood and store the fillet in your refrigerator until you are ready to cook.

Grilling Crappies

Grilled crappies taste great. First, you should prepare your sauce and marinate to allow the crappie flesh to soak up the tasty spices. Then place fillets in a grill. Monitor the fillets, turn the pieces often to cook all sides and remove from the grill after a few minutes until the flesh turns golden. It is ready to eat.

Frying Crappies in a pan

It is best to fry wet crappies in a pan to retain the flavor and taste. You will need some seasoning, flour, pepper, and salt. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, put your fillets in the bowl, cover with the lid and shake a little to get the fillets covered with the mix. Fry in oil for a few minutes until the flesh turns golden brown. And serve hot, with some chips, and a dash of lemon.

Baking Crappies in an oven

While you preheat your oven, prep your fillets with some lemon juice salt and pepper. You should also rub in some oil to prevent sticking. Bake in an oven at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about fifteen minutes. The fillets should turn golden brown at this time. Take out your crappie fillets and serve with your choice of garnish.

Make some crappie cakes (patties)

You will need some fillets, onions/garlic, bread crumbs, eggs, mayonnaise, butter, olive oil, and pepper.

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After mixing your ingredients in a bowl, place your fillets in the bowl and form your patties. Fry in a non-stick pan for about 8 minutes, the patties should turn rusty brown. Serve with your favorite drink or beverage.

Do you have a special recipe you would like to share? Let us know about it, cooked crappies can also be served alongside foods such as potatoes and rice.


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