18 Best Crappie Trolling Rod Holders Reviews 2022

Best Crappie Trolling Rod Holders

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Best Crappie Trolling Rod Holders

Crappie trolling rod holders are important instrument on the fishing boats. Yet they are the most overlooked fishing tool that can actually increase your trolling pleasure and success when out on the boat.

When used together with other trolling gadgets, these pieces are an essential tool for precision placement of baits, lures, and rods allowing the angler a totally hands-free crappie fishing experience.

And when it’s time to have a sandwich and soda, soaking in the warm summer sun, you will thank these babies for the hands-free experience, and the gods for reminding you to pack them.

What are the Best Crappie Trolling Rod Holders to Buy?

2) Scotty Rod Holder With Power-lock Grip

  • Affordable
  • Best Seller
  • Universal Cradle
  • Positive Locking

1) Millennium Marine Outdoors Spyderlok Rod Holder

  • High Quality
  • 4 Rods
  • 360-degree Rotation
  • Lightweight Aluminum

1) Plusinno Fishing Boat Rods Holder With Large Clamp Opening

  • Lightweight
  • Great Value
  • 360-degree
  • Resistant Construction

Why Purchase A Rod Holder?

Having the right rod holder for trolling crappie is an essential part of your fishing boat’s setup, and with good reason. They can be a lifesaver during those long punishing days on the water or during extreme and nasty weather whether it is with a downrigger or when flatlining.

The right rod holder for trolling crappie frees the angler from the fuss of physically holding the rod him/herself hence more attentive to electronics and the operation of the boat. It also helps the angler stay alert and free from fatigue – a common ailment for those unlucky enough to go crappie trolling with a rod on the palm of their hands for hours on end. Do you know what is not a walk in the park? Speed-trolling giant musky plugs in the sub-zero weather all day, with your oversized rod clenched in your mitt!

Another reason why you need rod holders for crappie fishing is during live bait fishing, (where laws allow this style of fishing) especially with floats, using more than one rod. They can be very useful especially in keeping rods organized and lines tangle-free when they are spread across the boat. Your rod will always be within easy reach ensuring accessibility never becomes an issue for you.

So as you plan to go for catching crappie, remember having the right rod holder for crappie fishing provides simplicity and will free you thus increasing your odds when out on the water.

If you are perusing your catalog for the first time, trying to decide on which style of crappie trolling rod holder to purchase, it can quickly become a daunting task. Take the chance to familiarize yourself with the current existing brands and types on the market with this guide, and be prepared for some productive days ahead of your crappie trolling expedition.

18 Best Crappie Trolling Rod Holders

1) Millennium Marine Outdoors Spyderlok Rod Holder

The Millennium rod holder has been trusted for years by many fishermen everywhere. This lightweight aluminum anodized equipment offers 360-degree rotation and can hold up to 4 rods, without needing additional support. It comes in 12″ – 24″ width size.

The Millennium Marine outdoors Spyderlok rod consists of a 24-inch crossbar holder that can accommodate up to 4-rod crowns. You can use it for spider rigging, long lining, and baiting cranks. Whether you are trolling fast or slow, the Millennium Marine outdoors Spyderlok Rod Holder frees your hands, thus increasing your odds on the water.

2) Scotty Rod Holder With Power-lock Grip

The Scotty rod holder is available in 3 solid colors including black. This is probably their most ordered and valued rod holder that opens and locks.

The Scotty features a universal cradle that holds nearly all rod and reel setup, with a front locking ring to prevent any rod losses. This model also contains a 241 Combination Side or Deck Mount that can be mounted either on top or on the side of gunnel.

3) Plusinno Fishing Boat Rods Holder With Large Clamp Opening

These rod holders are the perfect gift to give a loved one who is into trolling. You have the option of choosing: 1 pack with 1 fishing pole boat rack or; 2 pack, with 2 pieces fishing pole boat holders. The RH20 clamp maximum opening is 1.97 inch while the RH30 Clamp maximum opening is 4.75 inch.

This rod features the fishing rod holder to relieve tedious tasks on slow days. With a great design, lightweight material and easy to install features, you can never go wrong with this item. They fold up nicely thus occupy very little space.

4) Wise Rod Holder With Twin Packs And Double Side Mounts, Black

First of all, this identical pack rod holder rocks! Their brand name might not be as big as its counterparts, but be sure of this; they are still as effective if not better.

This model is made up of molded plastic or high-Impact Copolymer components. They can be adjusted vertically or horizontally complete with locking rings. These gadgets work with all the various types of rod handles.

With double side mounts and a lockable rod ring, you cannot go wrong with these pieces.

5) Eagle Claw AABRH Clamp Boat Rod Holder, For Aluminium Boats

The Eagle Claw, the pioneer rod holder is made of strong plastic that can withstand high impact. This model is resistant to corrosion, is durable and can hold rods of up to 1.375″. They are adjustable for up to 360-degree, hence can adjust rod angle.

These rod holders work perfectly on a pontoon railing. They clamp smugly to rail for use on pontoons and can be moved easily on the boat without tools. They are heavy duty, yet work remarkably well especially with bait casters.

6) The Sea Dog 3-In-1 Pole Side-Mount Rod Holder

These three pole rod holder is a complete package and requires no further assembling. They come with pliers, a built-in knife and bait holder.

The Sea-Dog Line is a family owned business spanning 3 generations. They have always had satisfied customers and, their raves and reviews have remained positive and impeccable even after all these years.

With the Sea Dog, you are assured of no more tangled poles as they keep the poles out of the way, letting you enjoy your fishing excursion in peace.

7) Amarine-Made Stainless Clamp On Fishing Rod Holder

Mount this strong and durable gadget on your vessel for that extra hand experience. This rod holder is made of the excellent, marine grade 304 stainless steel, hence no rust.

This model is made for adjustable rails measuring 22mm (7/8″) to 25mm (1″) in diameter and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. The rails come in silver color and it measures 7/8” to 1” overall.

Whether you are doing a fast or slow troll, the Amarine-Made Stainless Clamp frees your hands, increasing your odds on the water.

8) Bekith Powerlock With Adjustable Rod Holder with Combo Mount

This model contains a locking ring and it can fit in various types of rod handles as well as casting rods and spinning rods. This power lock includes a combo mount that adjusts both vertically and horizontally, as the rod holders are completely adjustable up and down and can turn 360 degrees.

With a tension knob-laden with spring for quick rod adjustment, this stainless steel hardware is built for stability. When not in use, easily detach it. Bekith lives to its promise.

9) Amarine-Made Sure Grip Steel 20 Degree Angle Rod Holder

With the Amarine sure grip holder, you can set hooks instantly. They are specially designed to clamp the rod tip horizontally for straight-down fishing. Also, the rod’s V-shaped front allows for easy navigation on either side of the hook sets. This rod holder is ideal for line baits weighing above 25 lbs.

The Amarine line diameter stems, plated with steel are strong and durable and has an extended cradle built to provide room for you to grab quickly. You don’t have to drill large holes to install them, and they make excellent boom mic holder.

10) Blisswill Rod Holder With Accessories

This rod holder has a large clamp that can open up to 360 degrees and can be easily adjusted. Made up of stainless steel, it is superior quality resistant to corrosion and environmentally friendly.

The clamp’s maximum opening width is 1.97 inches/ 5cm. However, check your boat board size before purchasing this product. The Package consists 1 pack which has 1 Fishing Rod Holder. The 1 pack eight is 1.2p / 548g; and 2 pack weight is 2.4p/1096g.

This piece comes with a versatile twist lock tube which allows for 360-degree adjustment horizontally and vertically.

11) Mr. Crappie Pro Series Rod Holder System Combo

This is the ultimate kit for the crappie fisherman. The absolute best for spider fishing for crappie! And best of all, you really will never have to worry about it bouncing out of place on your boat.

It features a full adjustability for rod angle and that can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. This rod holder allows the concurrent use of up to 4 rods per unit while slow trolling for crappie.

They are 8 inches from the actual rod holders from the base but still works well with extensions.

12) Brocraft Crappie Rod Holder System With Deck Or Side Mount

The Brocraft Crappie Rod Holder system is the crappie fisherman’s absolute best kit for crappie! This piece features the concurrent use of up to 4 rods per unit while slow trolling for crappie. This brand easily allows for 4-rod heads with its 24″ tracker crossbar, 8″ extension height. The rod can be fully adjusted for great angle.

You have the option of purchasing The Brocraft Crappie Rod Holder system made either with metal or hard plastic. Not to worry, however, it is sturdy enough to use even for catfish fishing.

13) Brocraft Crappie rod holder system With Gunnel Track Mount

This rod holder features the Tracker Versatrack or Lund Sport Track. The ultimate kit for the crappie fisherman, the Brocraft allows the simultaneous use of up to 4 rods per unit when slow trolling for crappie. With fully adjustable 4 rod holder for angle, this gadget can support 4-rod heads with its 24″ tracker crossbar.

With its Aluminium stainless steel hardware, it is sturdy enough to hold up to catfish and catch them. The Brocraft can be mounted to the flat surface without rail system via the Versatrack system bolts. The bases have six screws.

14) Driftmaster T-250-H T-Bar System

The T-250-H is equipped with Li’l Pro rod holders that are designed for spider rigging, minnows or slow trolling jigs. With a U shaped front that offers the versatility of side trolling the T-250 is adjustable horizontally and vertically. They work well with the flush base hardware. However, this piece does not need wing nuts to adjust holders for rods or wing nuts for black road holders. In fact, the newer models no longer use them.

They are easy to install and fishing is made easy with this unit. This rod holder is best suited for spider rigging.

15) Bert’s Custom Tackle

Bert’s Custom Tackle features the 2-in-1 Cradle Rod Holder with 10-Inch Satin Riser. The 2 in 1 cradle is lightweight cradle-style rod holder which makes it excellent for crappie and panfish fishing. This custom rod holder will store rods in a vertical position. And when the boast is in motion, it will still stay steady and work as an excellent rod holder.

Among its top features include a 10″ High Heavy Duty Riser comprising 8 position light duty cradle; front rod keeper lock; adjustable with complete 360-degree rotation capabilities.

16) Attwood 5062-3 25-Degree Steel Rod Holder

The Attwood 5062-3 25-Degree guaranteed grip rod holder made with steel is built for crappie, drift fishing, pan fishing, and more. The holder elevates the rod tip to a higher angle for trolling or drifting. This gadget comes with a stem (4-Inch ) and a mounting base, complete with black Finish.

The 3/8-inch steel-coated rod is strong, sturdy and corrosion-resistant. They work well with Attwood sure grip rod holder base flat rail since they fit in the bottom part of the holder. The Attwood Degree Sure Grip mounts solid and can be attuned to any position.

17) Attwood Sure Grip Steel 10 Degree Angle Rod Holder

The Attwood Steel guaranteed to grip is specially designed for casting bait, and comes with 4-inch bait casting rods for that purpose. They work well with Pro-Series 5065-3 as well as heavyweight rod holders that can be adjusted. They are a troller’s best tool for crappie fishing.

Attwood’s adjustability makes it the perfect tool for baiting with its 10-degree angle. They are easy to install and later store till your next trolling expedition

18) Driftmaster 210HR Lil Pro Rod Holder

The Driftmaster 210HR Lil Pro Rod Holder will hold the tip of the rod at a 5-degree angle. This crappie rod holder keeps the long pole tips from plunging into the water. This is the absolute favorite rod holder in crappie tournaments for trolling jigs.

This piece features a 4” long by 3/8” diameter stem that is just the right size for pan fishing, yet sturdy enough to handle a “big-un”. They work great on the pontoon so you really will never have to worry about it bouncing out of place on your boat while out trolling.

Choosing the Best Crappie Trolling Rod Holders

As we have seen, crappie trolling rod holders are an essential part of crappie fishing. They not only enhance your trolling experience, they can also be a lifesaver during those long drawn out days in the water when you haven’t caught anything. They also come in handy when using either the downrigger or when flatlining and the weather gets extreme or downright nasty.

2) Scotty Rod Holder With Power-lock Grip

  • Affordable
  • Best Seller
  • Universal Cradle
  • Positive Locking

1) Millennium Marine Outdoors Spyderlok Rod Holder

  • High Quality
  • 4 Rods
  • 360-degree Rotation
  • Lightweight Aluminum

1) Plusinno Fishing Boat Rods Holder With Large Clamp Opening

  • Lightweight
  • Great Value
  • 360-degree
  • Resistant Construction

The crappie trolling rod holders will free you from the added-pressure of actually having to hold the rod so you can be more attentive to electronics and other operations in the boat demanding your attention. They will help you stay woke and free from fatigue – a common condition among anglers who have to troll in hand for a protracted period of time on the water.

Crappie trolling rod holders will save you from those “tangling” situations by keeping your rods well organized and tangle-free. Choosing the right one that fits your boat means you are also getting additional comfort and peace of mind.

Now that you understand that rod holders for crappie offer a valuable function for the everyday angler. Have fun choosing your most ideal type for your next crappie fishing expedition, and do enjoy your increased triumphs for the season that lies ahead.

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