Crappie Kayak Fishing: Benefits and Tips When Kayak Fishing for Crappie

Crappie Kayak Fishing
Crappie Kayak Fishing

Crappie is amongst the most popular panfish in the country, widely regarded for the incredible taste and how much fun they are to catch. One of the great things about crappie is how many different methods you can use to catch them, whether fishing on the shores of a lake, wading into the shallows, or trolling from a vessel.

There are many water vessels used in crappie fishing but few offer as many advantages than a good quality kayak.

Suitable for all the freshwater locations crappie are found in, you can take your kayak out into just about any crappie hotspot in your area, while it’s also the perfect vessel for getting to those lesser-known areas that are teeming with crappie and no competition from other anglers.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of crappie kayak fishing and some tips when using this method:

Benefits of Crappie Kayak Fishing

Kayaks are often preferred for crappie fishing for a few reasons. Perhaps the biggest advantage that a kayak offers is how quiet the vessel is in water. It won’t make anywhere near the same noise and disturbances as a motorboat, so is perfect for making a silent approach in any body of water where crappie are found.

This means fewer chances of scaring off the crappie and more chance of reeling in crappie after crappie, especially when you hit a school of crappie in those hard to reach areas in deeper water.

Another notable benefit kayaks offer is their manoeuvrability. A kayak is very narrow and offers enough space for one or two people, so navigating through the tighter spots on the freshwater becomes much easier, whether it’s a lake, pond, or river.

In fact, a kayak often reaches areas that would otherwise be off limits for boats. This means you can strike gold in areas that haven’t been overfished yet!

Crappie Kayak Fishing Tips

Thinking of trying out kayak crappie fishing for the first time? Then check out some of these tips for the best results!

Trolling During Pre Spawn Offers Amazing Results

Before spawn season at the beginning of spring, crappie are at their most active due to their aggressive feeding that makes them migrate to shallower waters, so you can take advantage of this by trolling from your kayak.

Use multiple rods for optimal results and place them either in front or behind the kayak, so a rod holder is highly recommended for when crappie kayak fishing. Because you use tight lining for this, make sure to take a slow paddling approach.

Look for Structures and Cover

Crappie are most often found around structures, preferring brushy spots, underwater trees, weed beds, holes etc. These areas offer plenty of cover while the vegetation attracts the baitfish that crappie eat.

So, look for structures around the lake or pond and take your kayak out to these areas, as you’ll increase the chances of finding a school of crappies. As you might imagine, lake maps and sonar can be a huge advantage when kayak fishing.

Increase Your Haul with the Right Equipment

As mentioned, a good sonar is a fantastic addition to your tackle when crappie kayak fishing, as you can find the right structures and depths where crappie are likely to be found. Be mindful that mounting it can be difficult due to the smaller size of kayaks, so consider a sonar mobile app if you might be short on space.

Along with a rod holder for trolling, it may help to have a fish feeding simulator to encourage feeding activity in the water, while a trolling motor with variable speed settings may be a worthwhile investment to help maintain consistent speed in the kayak.



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