Why Are Crappie So Hard To Catch? (4 Main Reasons)

Why Are Crappie So Hard To Catch
Why Are Crappie So Hard To Catch

Why are crappie so hard to catch? This is one question many people ask, and still haven’t got an answer to. Well, in this post, we will explain to you a few reasons why crappie is so hard to catch, and some tips are offered too to make sure fishing for crappie is no more as hard as it used to be.

Why are crappie so hard to catch?

  1. Not knowing the right place to fish.

Crappies may sometimes be hard to get, especially in the middle of summer. The best time to catch them usually starts around early June and reaches its peak in early July. Meanwhile, schools of crappies may be tighter during that period and are mostly high in the water. The crappies give themselves away when they feed on minnows (small fish or whatever it is you use to attract them), so they chase their supposed prey, (which is your bait) to the surface of the water and are caught.

For freshwater lovers, you will find freshwater fish in every season of the year. Unlike any other fishes, one of the reasons why crappie are so hard to catch is sometimes they are in saltwater and you might not know their exact location.

  1. The structure of their mouth.

Another reason why crappie is so hard to catch is because of the structure of its mouth. This is because it has a thin membrane around the mouth, this makes it difficult for the mouth to get attached to a hook. Because of this membrane and how the mouth is structured, crappies are also called “Papermouth“.

  1. Fishing with the wrong strategies.

When you go fishing for crappies, you have to apply the right strategies, else, you may not make any catch. Here are a few strategies to employ.

  • Crappies love foods: when fishing for crappies in the fall, you should know that the crappie population is hungry, so to get them you must go close to areas with a good amount of forage.
  • Use live baits – fish eat a lot and grow for winter. In the fall, you may have to use larger minnows, this is because fishes are bigger at this time so, they may need to see big minnows to be tricked.
  • If you are using jigs, you’ve got to keep moving. If you remain in a spot, you allow the crappie time to study the jig.
  • Be on the move. These fishes may be in small bunches and scattered. So you have to move spot to spot if you are not too sure of the current spot you are fishing. You may even have to fish up to 10 or even 15 different spots. (Tips: You can use crappie fish finder to find the crappie)
  1. Using the wrong attractant.

Another reason why crappie is so hard to catch is that you may be using the wrong attractant.

Many people go out fishing for crappie and may not come back with crappie, or they may return with a poor catch, not because there was no crappie in the water, but because they used the wrong attractant.

Because crappies are becoming more intelligent, you need the right attractant in your arsenal before you can catch a good quantity these days.

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