Why Do Crappie Stop Biting (3 Possible Reasons)

Why Do Crappie Stop Biting
Why Do Crappie Stop Biting

Crappie, a dawn and dusk active fish which mostly spawn between May and June of every year. It’s a famous game fish in the Northern area of America and some parts of Canada. These freshwater fish is quite known to dwell in deeper water around summer season and also live in the shallow areas of water during the spring. This means that you need to reel your net deeper in the Summertime and shallower in the springtime to get this fish. While their female chooses a mate and lays eggs in the nest, the male ones guard the nest till the egg hatches and their young ones swim in their own accord.

However, the behavior of this freshwater fishes is quite dynamic. Considering their biting behavior, it seems the crappie have stopped biting. Do you know why? Perhaps it’s the water temperature or seasonal variations, you guess? The following points can convince you better on reasons why crappie stops biting.

Why Do Crappie Stop Biting

So what are these reasons?. They include :

  • Visual range of the fishes 
  • Fast-rising bait
  • Rain

Crappie is quite good in inspecting object closely. They take close examination into an object before considering it for feeding. But their upward and forward eye position dictates the direction of their feeding. When Baits are not in the direction of their visual range, it’s quite difficult to gain their attention and have them get some bites.

If on the other hand, the bait is in another direction, they inspect an object from a distant background and resist any dangerous item. Their visual range and vision are effective than they can easily discern the presence of an angler and act in favor of their safety.


When your jig is above their zone, it tends to give you quick shakes. Even when you move your lures directly above their eyes, it can be difficult for them to follow your jig all the way to the surface when you jiggle too much or make your jiggle go in a circle. Crappie bites become nearly impossible in such a situation. Placing a jig in front of crappies will, of course, minimize the chances of getting their bites.

    1. RAIN

Getting crappies bite during the rainy season is not easy as the rain stirs up the surrounding water, more forces bring more smaller fish and larvae to crappies for food. The murky water which occurs during the rainy season thus gives them better covers, and they swim boldly to search for good. Since they are opened to more food around them, the bites can thus be reduced and hence may lead to frustration.

Overall, crappies bites can stop when they access more food inside the water and can clearly sight a danger.

Now that you’re aware of the core reasons behind crappie slow action to biting, you can consider the following recommendations:

  1. Always use crappie looking lures for your fishing activities.
  2. Fishing during rainy seasons can be extremely challenging. It’s essential you choose some other period for your game
  3. Endeavor to move your bait slowly.

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