Will Crappie Spawn In Deep Water?

Will Crappie Spawn In Deep Water
Will Crappie Spawn In Deep Water

Most anglers are usually strategic in their actions. They often set out for fishing at a period when it’s more likely to make a big catch. Also, areas, where most crappies dwell, are their target point. They don’t want to miss the target just the way you won’t love to go home without making some catches. So if that be the case, where is crappie hotspot? .The answer is simple. They mostly spawn in 1.5 to 10 feet of water.

Crappiw Spawn

Several activities often take places around deepwater areas. Only smart anglers take much advantage of the region. Aside from feeding and security, crappies spawn around this area. Really? Yes, it’s true that they release an egg in deep water. But there are few reasons for such circumstances. Notable ones include :

  1. Water temperature: Higher water temperature hurts It’s harsh on them and can make them uncomfortable during spawning. But since they need warmer water temperature, they often migrate to areas with 56-60 degree of water temperature. And such temperature is usually obtainable around the deep area of the water. It becomes valid that crappies spawn in deep water.
  2. Water Clarity: The level of water clarity has a considerable effect on the reasons why crappies chose deep water for spawning. It dictates the dept they find comfortable during and since water becomes muddy and heavily stained during rain, they thus move deeper for clear waters.

If that is the case, it means you can make a good catch of crappies in the deep area of water. Then, what are the proven strategies to accomplish this goal?

  1. Vertical Jigging: This is quite a proven tactics to getting more crappies in deep water. Using a long, light jig pole enables you to drop a bait right in the crappie’s home
  2. Spider-rigging deep cover: Even though most crappie move lesser than 4-foot of water to spawn, you can still find some around 6-8 foot of water and spawn on artificial covers or logs. Pushing several poles across the artificial covers or trunks are quite the most effective tactics to employ on deeper spawning crappie.
  3. Casting to the shallow: Lakes characterized by gravel banks will often serve as a good base for crappies spawning. Casting a jig to the bank can however trigger strikes on the crappies in the deep water. Perhaps you’re scared about how to maintain balance while throwing the jig into the bank, it’s necessary you utilize a float above the jig.

You can always get the best result when you consider those tactics. There is no doubt that every crappies angler love to hunt for them in areas where they spawn. Such space is usually a great nesting location. At the deep water, the male crappies will stick around for a few days and guard the nest until the egg hatches. So, there are greater tendencies to catching more crappies when they spawn. Adopting the aforementioned tactics enhances your success rate.

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