Bank Fishing For Crappie: Tips for Crappie Bank Fishing

Bank Fishing For Crappie

Bank Fishing For Crappie

During the Spawning season, crappies come closer to the shore to spawn. Crappie spawning seasons occur at about the same time every year. This is a great time to land more crappies without using fishing boats or kayaks.

Bank Fishing For Crappie

Bank fishing can be easy if you have correctly located particular areas where large schools of crappies have gathered. The best locations for bank fishing for crappies are small lakes, rivers and some ponds where crappies have been found.

For anglers that will like to wade into the shallow parts of the lakes while fishing for crappies, it is advised that you must only engage in bank fishing for crappies in rivers that do not have strong currents for your safety.

One of the reasons anglers have a preference for catching crappies from the shore is that flexibility it provides while searching for crappies. Anglers can quickly move from one location to another while searching for crappies.

Finding crappies can also be done by using simple crappie fish finders that have been developed for use in shallow waters. Anglers can also take short breaks while bank fishing for crappies and most especially, you can land many crappies without bothering about the limitation of the space in your fishing boat for the storage of the crappies you have caught.

Finding a good bank for fishing

As earlier mentioned, you can use a crappie fish finder to detect the presence of crappies. However, the most common type of banks you will find crappies lurking include, riprap river banks, stream beds, banks lined with cut tree trunks, coves, among other locations. Your focus should be to locate river banks that have very little or no currents, and places that are not windy. Crappies tend to hand around still waters.

Bank fishing Gear

For the best bank fishing experience, you need to arrive with all the fishing equipment you need plus spares in case you need to change stuff. Your gear should include, fishing rods and rigs, crappie baits and lures, crappie fish finder, treble hooks, a first aid kit, propane lanterns (if you plan to catch crappies at night), jigs and floats. You should wear protective water-resistant boots and comfortable clothes suitable for the weather. Since you may be moving around the river banks a lot, try to pack light to avoid a heavy burden.

Tips for catching crappies while bank fishing

Is it the spawning season?

This is the best time to land more crappies from the banks. The male crappies come closer to the shore while the females stay a bit farther away, so you know how far to cast while bank fishing for crappies if you want to catch females.

Best time for fishing

The best time to land crappies is in the afternoon and at night. Crappies like the warm water and they are more active at night.

Use baits and lures

These baits attract crappies which will help you land more fish at the end of the day.

Learn how to use rigs, and floats

Fishing rigs are effective when fishing for crappies in shallow waters, using the slip floats will also give good results. Another good method for bank fishing crappies is by pitching float rigs in areas you have detected the presence of crappies. It is an effective fishing method. Knowing different bank fishing methods will help you land more crappies in every situation.

Bank fishing for crappies is fun, everyone can participate, and it is a good way to teach the children the different fishing methods before the head out to search for crappies in fishing boats.


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