Do Crappies See In The Dark?

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Fishing for crappies at night has become a favorite activity for anglers. You can land so many average and large sized crappies in the dark. Crappies can see in the dark; you can feel more bites on your lures when you choose the ones that have bright colors.

Do Crappies See In The Dark?

Crappies are sight feeders; they will come towards any attractive lures. This is why the spinners work so well. Night fishing for crappies can become your best fishing experience if you go fully prepared. Crappies are also known to be more active in the dark because the water is calmer and the temperature is perfect at that time.

Gear for night time crappie fishing

You will need the following gear to go fishing for crappies at night. First, you should dress properly, boots, and thick clothes if it will be cold. You will also need a crappie fish finder to help locate the brush piles and other places where crappies hide. You will also need underwater green LED lights to attract the crappies to your lures. Recheck your fishing gear to ensure you are not leaving any tool behind.

Searching for crappies in the dark can be done quickly if you have a crappie fish finder. This tool will help you detect the schools of crappies beneath the water. It is an effective crappie fishing gear; every angler should have a crappie fish finder. You can also test the depths with your fishing line to find crappies.

This can be done by setting your line and slowly trolling crappies at a particular depth. When you start getting bites on your lures, it is easy to determine the depth crappies are in that part of the river. You can start trolling crappies at that depth to land more fish.

Crappie nigh time fishing during winter

Crappie patterns change during the winter, to get more bites and land crappies you need to apply some tricks. The cold weather makes crappies inactive so you will need to do more to find crappies during cold winter nights. Leveraging the fact that crappies are sight feeders you should use bright colored lures when fishing for crappies at night during the winter. The bright colored lures can be easily spotted by the crappies even in murky waters. However, this tip will work best when you have found schools of crappies; this may be further down the river because of the cold.

Crappies need to feed, and they usually move together in large schools. You can leverage this advantage to lure crappies at night. The fish will certainly be compelled to investigate any bright and shiny lures you use during the night.

In conclusion, you can land more crappies during the night or when fishing in murky waters by discovering an effective way to lure the crappies. The best tip is to use bright colored lures. Your night LED lights will also help when you use those shiny spinners. Don’t forget to mark locations where you have landed crappies on your GPS so you can return the next day for a better experience.


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