Power Trolling For Crappie | Open Water Fishing Technique

Power Trolling For Crappie
Power Trolling For Crappie

There are a number of different ways to catch crappie by boat, including long-line trolling, spider rigging, drift fishing, drag line, and casting and retrieving. You can also go power trolling for crappie.

Power Trolling For Crappie

What is Power Trolling

Power trolling is a method of fishing from a boat, where you drag or push a line at a speed greater than is usually used for regular trolling. Power trolling actually makes your bait look like it is actually swimming.

Equipment Needed for Power Trolling For Crappie

There is some necessary equipment you need for power trolling. You of course need a boat and a trolling motor with variable speeds. (so you can also do other types of trolling for crappie if you wish.) Most people who power troll for crappie troll at around 1.5 or 2 mph. Normally when power trolling fishermen normally place rods on both sides of the boat.

Since you will be fishing in open water that is at least 20 feet deep, (the deeper the water the heavier the weight you will need.) you will need a weight that will take your line clear to the bottom and keep it there so it drags along as the boat is moving.

In addition, to keep your lines from tangling you are going to want a longer sturdier rod ( at least 16 feet long) and stout rod holders for holding your rod.

Best Time of Year for Crappie Fishing

Different times of the year calls for different methods of fishing in order to catch those crappies. The best time for power trolling for crappie is post spawning, summer and into the fall. Since crappie tends to linger closer to shore during the spawning season, this is perhaps the worst time for power trolling for any crappie.

Where to Power Troll for Crappie

The best place to power troll for crappie is in open water about 18 to 20 feet deep. To find where the crappie is it helps to have sonar. Look for large schools of small shad because where there is shad, crappie will be nearby since this fish is a favorite of most crappie.

Sometimes, with a fish finder, you can actually spot shad with crappie slightly below the school. Once you know where the crappie is you can then fish in an area where you know that crappie is.

In addition, since crappie like to hang out in areas where there is a drop-off, where they can drop into when they feel threatened a topographical map of the lake can prove helpful to give you some hints of where to begin looking for crappie.

Why Power Troll for Crappie?

Power trolling for crappie is an ideal way of covering a large area of water quickly giving you more opportunity to catch your limit of this tasty pan fish.

For anyone looking for a way to fish for crappie all year round, having power trolling for crappie as one of your fishing methods will help you to keep bringing in those fish.


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