Where Can Crappies Be Found In The Rivers?

Where can Crappies be found in the Rivers?
Where can Crappies be found in the Rivers?

If you can locate the hiding places of crappies in rivers, you are in for a great and rewarding adventure. Crappies have different behavior, and they can be quite unpredictable. There are however some notable ways to find crappies in rivers. These methods have worked for anglers for many years so you can apply them in your location.

Where can Crappies be found in the Rivers?

Crappies move closer to the shores during spawning season. This is usually called the crappie fishing season, and a great time for anglers. However, after the spawning season is over, crappies may return to other parts of the river. The thing is you may need to catch crappies all year round, so it is a good idea to know other parts of the river the schools of crappies migrate to after spawning season.

During the winter crappies move farther away from the shores to avoid the cold weather. You may need to navigate to the deeper ends of the river to find crappies in the winter season.

Here are some of the best locations to find crappies in rivers

Brush Piles

Crappies find the perfect hiding places in brush piles. These places provide a hiding place from other predators in the river. Smaller crappies can also hide in the brush piles during the day or when there is a lot of disturbance in the river. They come out at night to feed; crappies also hide in brush piles to avoid adverse weather conditions. The good thing is, if you can’t find brush piles in the river close to you, make one. Your brush pile may just become the perfect home for crappies over time.

The River Bank

You may also find large schools of crappies hiding beneath the rocks along river banks. These are perfect places for crappies to hide. The cracks in between rocks serve as protection from larger predators or bigger fish that can eat the smaller crappies. You can try trolling crappies in areas along the river banks where you notice there are rocks beneath.

Murky Waters

If you can locate a part of the river that has mud beds beneath, there may probably be crappies there. The crappies hide under cover of the murky waters. They won’t be visible from your boat, but you can detect the presence of crappies by casting your line and waiting for bites. Crappies are sight feeders, so it is best you use bright colored lures to attract more crappies in murky waters.

Find The Minnows

Minnows are one of the crappies favorite foods; if you can find minnows in the river, there will probably be schools of crappies in that region as well. Minnows usually stay close to the shore hiding in brush piles which are also perfect homes for crappies in the river. So chase the minnows to find more crappies.

Overall, your search for crappies in the river will be easier if you have a crappie fish finder. The sonar features of this tool can help you detect brush piles, seaweeds beds, and rocks that provide perfect hiding places for crappies.


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