Pond Crappie Fishing: Useful Tips to Catch More Crappie at Pond

Pond Crappie Fishing
Pond Crappie Fishing

Some of the notable slab crappies have been caught in ponds. Though they are smaller than those in the rivers and lakes, some ponds offer a perfect environment for crappies to breed and feed undercover until they grow to become slabs and eventually get caught.

Asides the chances of a huge catch, pond crappie fishing is a wonderful experience. It is enjoyable, peaceful and at the end of the day, your fish basket will hold enough crappies to take back home. If you would like to feed the crappie in a pond, use the appropriate food to feed them in the pond.

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Pond Crappie fishing tips

Pond crappie fishing can be done from the banks at the edge, or from fishing boats in the case of larger ponds. Many anglers start their crappie fishing experience by learning how to cast and set rigs in smaller ponds before trying out their skills in the larger rivers or lakes. Some ponds can also accommodate kayaks, which offer a relaxing way to fish for crappies.

Advantages of pond fishing for crappies

Some notable advantages of pond fishing for crappies have made it quite popular among anglers. Natural ponds have been formed in many areas due to the rains, while you can find artificially created ponds where crappies have been introduced and left to breed.

It is remarkably much easier to land crappies in ponds because they are smaller water bodies which offer less food for crappies especially when they have greatly multiplied. The small pond area also makes it easier to locate the crappies favorite spots in the pond and lure them with baits to take bites. Live baits or jigs can be used for pond fishing for crappies; however, some anglers prefer to use smaller baits or jigs to avoid scaring away the fish.

Crappie fishing methods

Regardless of the pond size, crappie fishing methods such as setting up rigs, trolling and casting can be used to land crappies. Anglers can also set up brush piles at strategic locations in the ponds to create good hiding places that will lure the crappies. The brush piles can be set-up when the water level of the ponds drops during the summer.

Pond crappie fishing tips

I found these tips very useful; they will help new anglers understand the process of fishing for crappies in ponds.

1. Head out when the crappies are most active

The best time to go pond crappie fishing is when the crappies are most active. This is usually the spawning period and when the water is warm. At these times the crappies come closer to the surface and shoreline. At these times, you can easily spot crappies in clear ponds and lure them.

2. Pond crappie fishing at night

Crappies come out at night to feed and are most active at this time. You can plan your fishing expeditions at night to land more crappies from the ponds.

3. Smaller baits

Anglers have claimed that smaller live baits or jigs are more effective when pond crappie fishing, it is worth a try.

4. Use bobbers

Bobbers make it easy to detect bites on the baits or jigs. Using bobbers can help you land more crappies from the ponds.

Considering the smaller size of ponds if you can locate the favorite parts of the pond where schools of crappie prefer to lurk, it will be easier to bait them. Look out for slabs; there is probably one or two slabs in bigger ponds.

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