Crappie Q and A (6 Most Common Questions – Answered)

Crappie Q and A
Crappie Q and A

Crappie is some of the most popular sport fish in the US. There are good reasons for this, namely, they are plentiful in the lakes, streams, and rivers where they reside. But they also have a reputation for being quite tasty.

Catching crappie requires the same combination of the right location, bait, technique, and luck as with catching most fish. But there are a few questions that some anglers may have in nabbing more crappie on their next fishing trip.

Crappie Q and A

1. When is the Best Time to Catch Crappie?

The best time to catch crappie is when they feed which is in the twilight hours of the day. This usually means early morning and early evening hours. It is possible to catch crappie at other times of the day, but when they are feeding is generally the best.

2. What is the Best Bait?

Crappie hunts smaller fish, so minnows are generally the best. You may want to ask the locals or experts of a particular lake or body of water to see what works best. But generally speaking, you cannot go wrong with minnows.

3. How does a Loop Knot Work to Catch Crappie?

A loop knot allows the jig to move a bit more freely. This will mimic live bait and will actually pull the crappie to your line. You can experiment with different loop knots until you find one that provides just enough give to make your bait enticing to the crappie.

4. What is the Right Depth to Fish for Crappie?

There is no perfect depth, but from three to six feet is the most common. Crappie tends to stay near the bottom during the day and rise up in the twilight hours to feed.

5. What if the Water is Muddy?

Admittedly, muddy water can be an issue when trying to catch crappie. You will need to use a jig that is brighter and can be seen at longer distances. Orange is a good color because it reflects what light is present well and can be mistaken by crappie as food. Keep some grub with an orange coloring or use a jig of the same color depending on how you are fishing for the crappie.

6. What is Vertical Jigging?

While it may sound like a new dance craze, vertical jigging is one of the most popular ways to catch crappie. Put simply, you should be in a boat and searching for the area where the crappie is gathering. Drop your jig to the right level and wait for a bite. Do not move the jig side to side, but instead up and down slowly. Once you catch a crappie, you should be able to catch more in the same area.

A little patience will go a long way towards catching crappie. What helps make crappie more desirable to catch, apart from their great taste, is that once you get a bite, you should be able to pull in several crappies in a short time. This depends on staying in the same location, but the rewards can be worth it.

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